Sunday, April 5, 2009

Miss me?? LOL

Hi Blog buds,
Well, I know I haven't posted for a few days, but I have some great excuses! (Pick all):
  1. place is a MESS.
  2. 2 my place is a MESS!!! LOL
  3. 3.been at the office for a few days.
  4. So, today is cleaning day. Figures -- it's beautiful outside today. We've had some funky weather here the last few days -- winds up to 50 mph (my poor little Honda was saying STOP ALREADY!) as I was driving around and getting blown around yesterday. Day before was monsoons -- thunder, hail balls the size of marbles... anyway, I know you want to see pics, and do I have pics?? YES! And will I have more later? YES!
I finally cleaned out my one closet last Sunday, and found bagfuls of old sweaters. (so THAT's where my favorite red sweater was all this time!). The rest of it had to go to the thrift shop, so after my nail appt yesterday, guess where I was??? And, oh boy, did I have a good day there. Let me share...
Well, where does one begin when one comes home with TWO bags of goodies? I had to laugh when I was checking out the shelves -- I saw MY OLD STUFF on the shelf!! That is when you know you are addicted-- You see what you donated there, but you are back for more! Anyway, not only did I get some great stuff, but my favorite TS in the whole world had a book sale. And so I was really a happy kid! So do let me start there.
This book (like the others I have found lately) has more of a traditional country look, but there is some fabulous eye candy throughout. When I figure out HOW TO TAKE PICS OF PAGES (!!!) I'll share them. Oh, did I tell you the book was 1.00 (and the real price was $40??). But, no, I can't stop there...
I haven't even opened this one yet. Even tho its not prim exactly, there are sure to be ideas galore. But, here is the one purchase that made me do the happy dance. Small things to make me excited!
Yes, an OLD Country Sampler. I thought I had saved all of my old ones, and I also thought that in 2006 I was a regular reader and subsciber, but maybe not, because I had not seen this one before. I can sit for hours daydreaming thru a CS, but it is hard to find the really old ones. And this was just sitting there for $1.00. I'm saving it for a day I really need a good daydreaming break with some new pics... and there it will be, waiting for me. With all of the bad news out there, I need an escape when it all just gets too much. Picture therapy, if you get my drift. Between what happened in Pittsburgh yesterday (and here in Philly last month with cops getting killed) and Binghamton,NY -- I swear we're losing our collective minds. Just too much with these damned guns in the hands of crazies.
But there is more! Check out these 2 boxes, begging to be painted, for just 75 cents. I may paint the bottoms and do homespun for the top.... And then there was those cute little textiles for 25 cents each... a little blue to add to the black...
no -- not done yet... check out this great basket, also begging for a paint job...(oh, please, those little blue bunnies have to GO!!! LOL) And check out this wonderful red ware bowl.... and a wonderful milk jug. You can barely see the word 'MILK" embedded in the white ceramics...but you can see it clearly in person. I love it! And I wonderful silver candle snuffer... Not a bad haul, eh?? I'll be a busy bee today, first cleaning, then redos! And all that eye candy to read! I was doing the happy dance all over the place!
Now for you cat lovers, and those who love my cat! I can't forget you, can I?? You know BIG FAT BAD SWEET HAIRY Boy had to check out the new purchases... still has the cat nip all over him. what a slob, just like his mama.
And only cat lovers would appreciate this next pic. And trust me, it was hard grabbing a pic when I couldn't see the camera!! (and why my face is cut off! LOL) Look at his face and where is big fat white paw is sitting -- ON MY HEAD! This is what he does all of the time. I should start charging him for shampoo. Because after this, he started grooming my hair. Lovely! I am glad I caught that expression of sheer contentment!
What a hoot!
Well, I think that's it for today! I have a full list of to-dos and I had better get started. Hope you are all enjoying the weekend, and I will check in tomorrow!


  1. I completely jealous! Not of you working so much...but of all of your amazingly inexpensive GW and TS finds! I love unwinding and dreaming with decorating books....and that CS magazine is heavenly!!!
    I'm coming over to visit...Give me 5!

  2. My, what a lots of treasures you have there !
    I your pictures of what you bought and always the ones of your cat.
    I had a cat that groomed my hair and eyebrows ! Now that felt strange, she used to do that when I was asleep !!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. You sure do have some projects on your hands Terry!....congrats on all the finds! kitty is laying in the sun coming through the window right now, she's such a cold person and lays in the sun to get warmed up!....Have a wonderful Sunday! Janet :)

  4. great finds..glad you are back with us..and my favs are of your fat boy..what a cutie patootie..he is content..we had a black manx named bear bum and he would groom my hubbys head for at least an would hurt cause he would focus on one spot for too my hubs would have to rotate his head a bit..but bear would hold on with his 2 paws on either side of his head..we have some cute photos of him doing hair had too much product..not very my honeys head...he was in heaven...have a great rest of your weekend..:)

  5. Hi Terry,
    Great finds!!...and to find those books, lucky girl!! I have found some crafty type books, but never any decorating ones, but I look everytime I go.
    Can't wait to see the redos.

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  7. Sorry, I accidently deleted my last post. My name is Terry, too. I found your blog a couple of months ago from another persons blog.I hope you don't mind me coming to your blog. I love how you decorate and how you find the neatest stuff and transform them into looking prettier. Your blog is the 1st one i go to everyday. Keep up te good work. Have a great day! Terry

  8. All Terrys stick together!! LOL.Welcome, Terry, and good to meet ya!

  9. Thank you for the welcome. It's good to meet you, too.

  10. I don't know if you know this, but, has a forum and it is awesome. You can get alot of ideas on there. The women on there are very nice. I just thought you would like some more eye candy. Lots of pictures!



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