Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Part 2 of last nite's post

Ok, so now I have had some sleep and I'm working from home today, so I can get a real post done. I have been putting in some very long hours -- we're just trying to keep the business going in this economic mess -- hope we can pull it off, but some days it's really tight. Last week, I could feel it getting to me, very blah mood, worried all of the time --but, I decided I can't stay that way. I will have to watch the unnecessary spending for a while. I will do my best, and then its out of my hands.
Anyhoo, as I mentioned, the weekend was spring cleaning galore, and I still have to do my closet, which I must get to later today. Luckily it was really cold yesterday when I was out seeing clients, so I had clothes to wear! But, its getting warmer and these bulky sweaters have to get put away for another year, and I have to dig thru the mess to find my spring clothes. So, I will get to that when I finish my work stuff later today.

Remember this book I ordered? Well, I was a tad disappointed in that the pics were much more traditional than I had hoped, but it was still good and a good read. For example, did you know that:
  • The weeping willow tree was a symbol of mourning?? Hmm, not sure I like that so much!
  • In the 1800's only the wealthy were able to have portraits done as wall art.
  • The reason the back of a settle is so high is to block the drafts and hold in the heat from the hearth which was the only source of heat. Some settle backs nearly reach the ceiling.

Interesting stuff!

Now, on to my redos. Maybe that is why my cleaning takes so long! I stop in the middle to paint, move furniture, etc etc! I have one more big project for the late spring, and that is to paint the last two walls in my living room --i never got to them when I painted in December. I really want to do that soon, as I have to spackle and cover a zillion holes in the wall so I can even out the wall displays and take some down. But that will be for another day when it is warm and I am in the mood, because its a huge job. Lots of heavy furniture to move.

I did play around with this and moved it to the dining room. I wanted to balance out that corner in my living room, and I had too many bookshelves in one place.

And, I did a redo on this, which was painted black. Got this idea from the Circa Home Living catalogue. They displayed something very similar sitting on the edge of the mantle, and I liked it.

And I think I showed you these TS finds before...just moved them around a little.

Well, that's it for today -- I guess I had better start working --- hope everyone is having a good day and enjoying the last day of March! Hopefully will get the bedroom done today and have more pics for you tomorrow!


  1. Yup - I knew all those things! I have so many old issues of Early American Homes and Early American Life and so many great resource books. I love knowing the hows and whys of so many things our forefathers did. There is a reason for everything. So kewl!!

    Good luck with keeping the business going. It is such a tough time!!

    hugs, Linda

  2. I like the arrangement you did in with moving the bookcases, very nice!

    I knew the others but didn't know that willow trees were a sign of weeping.
    Have a great day,

  3. Your apartment looks so welcoming! I believe I have mentioned that before!
    Your re do's look fantastic...you never disappoint me!
    Enjoy your day today...try not to work too much!

  4. Hi Terry,
    Everything looks great! Love the box you re-did that used to be black. Also love your bowls in the bottom of the cupboard. Hope you're having a good day today working from home.


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