Sunday, March 8, 2009

How's everyone? I'm sitting here watching "Meet the Press" -- all this economic mess makes my tummy churn, so I'm balancing out the tension by showing you some fixin's I did yesterday. I was really busy with work this past week, and had my conference on Emotional Intelligence on Friday, so I didn't have much time to do anything fun. I hope to get out today to some TS -- I still haven't changed all of my clocks, so maybe I had better do that first!! My cable and my computer change automatically, so I know what time it is -- but, man, am I a lazybones today!
Ok, let's see what I did get to do. I painted my 4 drawer thingie I had in the bathroom last night after I took my mommy home. (such a cute little mom I have!). The drawer thingie was hunter green, and for some reason I just am not fond of that color any more. I don't want everything black, but green??....ech. So I painted it this color. It hold 4 rolls of toilet paper -- living alone, I CAN'T run out of toilet paper!!!! (I haven't trained the hairball to bring in a roll yet. LOL)

And I moved my box with washcloths...

In the bedroom, I'm so happy with the new bed cover.
I love what this cover does to change the tone of the room! I'm really getting into these fabrics, but they are expensive, so I have to be selective. Might get something for the dining room next, but will save my pennies first. I have a little project in the BR that I have to finish today. I'll show you tomorrow if I can get it done. Did some little things in the kitchen...and the breadboard... (btw, you know I made the 'breadboard' out of the top of an old cocktail table, right??)
I found this little piggie breadboard in the TS for 25 cents about 3 months ago... cute. Just did a little painting. And speaking of Hide and Seek (were we speaking of that??) I covered all of the wires in the kitchen... with this... I love old crates. They are great fpr cover-ups!
Finally, I brought some color into the dining room, based on that great penny rug I got last weekend. A few mustard accents...
Of course, I couldn't leave you today without a glimpse of a new furry rug. (well, he's big enough to be a rug, right?? LOL) Ewww, and he's just so soft on your toes! It's 70 degrees out there today, so I'm off to hit the TS. I'll see you tomorrow -- maybe I'll have some goodies to show you! Have a great Sunday! Enjoy the first taste of Spring! We still have some cold weather coming!


  1. Hi Terry,
    Glad to see you post:) Everything is looking just those yellow ware mugs and redware:)
    I think your cat gets bigger everytime you post:)
    Have a great time thrifting and be sure to show us pic!

  2. love all of your redo's..but mostly I love your new furry rug...and yes don't they feel good on the tooties...give him a squeeze...have a great weekend..;)

  3. You have a great blog, I love the pictures of where you live. The "fur rug" is beautiful. LOL

  4. Hi Terry,
    Your fur rug is priceless!! Everything you've done looks great! Love the dining room...and the crate cover-up is perfect!! Is that tin panels I see behind your bread board? It reminds me alot of what we put in our kitchen.

  5. Hi Terry,

    Love all the new stuff and tweaking. And great job hiding the cords. I have a few more to work on since I did my post.

    We enjoyed spring weather this weekend and got about 3 inches of snow today. PHOOEY is all I can say! LOL

    Have a great week!

  6. Your cat is so pretty. I can just imagine how soft it is. It must feel great when it walks around your legs. You have to check out this community of other pet lovers. Your cat would fit in great.


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