Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Please, Mr. Postman....

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. I'm leaving shortly to attend a sales event, but thought I'd share some goodies I bought on line (don't ask me why -- lack of self-control, I guess!). So I'm waiting very impatiently for the UPS man to knock on my door or leave a box-- ewww, I hate waiting!!! The items were purchased at different times, so I have no idea when they will arrive! So surprises await the next few weeks.
First, I had to break down and get these fabulous textiles from Circa 1820 I have not been able to find these types of textiles anywhere locally, and I can't finish my spring cleaning and decorating without them!
I also picked up a black runner at Apple Hill What eye candy on THAT site, and I just love their home pics.
And, (oh boy, when that credit card bill comes in!) I got some tarts from McCalls -- I just love these tarts, and I have the tart burner going 24/7. I have 3 tart warmers, and I just love how these last so long. I am running low, so that won't do!
And finally (!!!!) I got this book with eye candy as a used book at Amazon.
So Mr. Postman, hurry up! I want my stuff!! :>)
Hope everyone is feeling well and having a good TS week. I am hoping to hit my favorite one at Bryn Athen this weekend. Not sure, as I really do have enough "STUFF!" Where can I put it all?? That's my dilemma! Have a good day and catch you later!!


  1. Have a great day at the sales event:)

    Love everything you ordered, so neat!

  2. So many good things - well i don't burn tarts but I am sure they are yummy too! Love Apple Hill - it is even better in person. I can't wait to go back this summer sometime.

    Looking forward to seeing where all your goodies go once you get them.

  3. You are a buying maniac!!
    But, who can blame you? Not me...because I am the same way!
    I so love the things that Circa 1820 has. If only my wallet would love them too!

  4. Hi Terry!....I LOVE shopping online!'ve got some cool stuff on the way!....I've never looked at that Apple Hill web site before, great stuff! mail carrier just brought me some goodies, I'll get pics up later today!....have a good one! Janet :)

  5. You did some really nice shopping. Nice stuff!

  6. Hi Terry,
    Love the textiles.!! I saw a throw at one of local prim shops that I'm thinking about checking to see if they still have it. I'll have to go check out Applehill as I've never been to their web-site before. I've been to Circa 1820 and I love their items.

  7. LOL - I know where all the rest stops are all the way to CANADA! Hehehe

  8. Good morning Terry :)

    I have the same problem... I want to buy more stuff, but I don't have anywhere to put it and I don't want to get rid of anything LOL

    I think I'm going to have to get some tarts ;)



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