Monday, March 16, 2009

an old/new addition

I hope all my primbuds are doing well today. I know I'm so behind in my blog-reading and I hope to catch up tonite. Running around helping my mom this weekend, so I was pretty knocked out last night and stayed off the computer -- watched some good movies and relaxed (Milk, and "W." -- both excellent).
My mom mentioned that she found this old cornice (I think that's the correct word) from my brother's bedroom window in the basement (this thing is over 50 years old!!) and was going to toss it or give it to me. You know which one won out, right? I tweaked the curtains in the bedroom and put it up. I"m still not totally happy with this window treatment, but I love having the cornice. I hate these apt windows, but nothing I can do about that.

Another view...

Not much else going on -- thought I'd share lazy boy falling half off the back of the chair but still asleep! I keep a memory foam pillow there when I'm working to ease my back, and goofball thinks it's there to hold him up!

Anyway, sorry this is so short, but I gotta get back to work-- I have piles of work to get done. Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday!


  1. Hi Terry,
    I love the cornice, what a great idea:)

    Your cat cracks me up!

  2. Hi Terry!....the cornice looks like it fits quite well!....and the furball looks relaxed as usual, LOL! Janet :)

  3. I love the cornish and your cat looks so relaxed. It makes me want to take a nap.
    Have a good wek. Hugs~~~~Leslie

  4. Hi Terry,
    That added touch of the cornice! Looks great. got one big ole cat there!

    Happy St. Pattys day!



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