Monday, March 30, 2009

How do you spell TIRED?

Hi Blogbuds,
This will have to be a quickie since I haven't even at dinner yet and its after 8pm! Yikes. I spent the weekend doing spring cleaning and I'm still not done! ARGGGHH!! I am knocked out from cleaning and not really having a day off between work and 'home' work . It will be an early bedtime for me tonite! Anyway, here's what's new at my end.

The mailman arrived with my gooodies and I was very happy to get my 'stuff.' I must say that I just LOVE the Circa Home Living catalogue. Just beautiful stuff (and not all black!!! And I actually like it!!) And how nice -- they actually tell you what the base color is and what they painted over it to get the right 'look.' So,I'll show you more tomorrow. Meanwhile, here's what I did with the textiles. These are incomplete because the pics didn't come out so great and I have to redo a whole bunch. Even in a dark room they come out so light!

Now that I am using a laptop, I moved my desk into the living room, and now using the den as a 'junk room.' I hate to waste that space, but I have such minimal closet space that I just need a place to store stuff I'm not using. And, I'm looking out my patio doors into blooming trees, so that is nice! Of course, cat toys still in the corner -- guess I shoulda taken them away before I took the pic. Better ones tomorrow...

You know already that Spring is NOT my favorite season, but I actually bought some pussywillows.
I will have more tomorrow -- I'm starving!! Hope everyone is doing well...catch you all later! Big Fat Hairy Lazy Furball says hello, too! He woke up because squirrels are in the patio... but
then its time to lay down again...if you can't beat em, join em!


  1. Noel and Verge have the best catalog ever. I have said many times I could furnish my entire house from it. So colonial - can't wait to see more.!!

  2. Hi Terry!
    Love how you've displayed your textiles!
    Your cat "knows" he's handsome, doesn't he?? LOL!
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I missed ya Terry!
    Do you ever take vacation days?! LOL
    I would love to see that catalog...looking forward to seeing more!
    Hope you had a good restful sleep last least your home is sparkling clean!!!


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