Tuesday, March 10, 2009

special mail delivery

When I first started blogging, I didn't know I would meet so many nice people (and so many TS freaks such as myself! LOL) One of my buds who is BOTH a sweetie and a TS freak is Janene from http://janene-primitivelifestyle.blogspot.com/. She sent me these adorable stitcheries for no reason except she knew I'd love them, and I do! They are just so so cute, and thank you Janene, because they really made my day! Two adorable fat furballs! I love them! And isn't it great to see a special surprise tucked in the mailbox?? YES!!
I thought I'd share a few more "pics to daydream by." I'm always looking for ideas on the Internet and I just love when I find prim or early American rooms that are just perfect. I think I can be quite happy in any of these rooms!! How about you??
(gee, that bed cover looks familiar!) Did ya ever notice that the men and women in these colonial-style portraits rarely smile? Look at the chickie below! LOL
Oh, and just how cozy does this room look?? Yes, I could use just a few pieces of that fabulous yellow ware...and, for you blue fans, no I didn't forget you... And of course, we need the right place to do all of our decorating, right? I want this one... Well, I'd better stop daydreaming and get back to work!! Hope you enjoyed the little break from reality and you're all having a great Tuesday!


  1. Oh how nice! Blogger buds are just the best huh?!
    Loved lookin at those pics!

    Have a wonderful evening.

  2. Hi Terry,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving and encouraging comment:)

    Oh, how I love the blue cupboard and also the fireplace so neat! and look at the yelloware!

    Janene is a sweetheart isn't she? Those are so cute! Have a great evening:)

  3. The pictures of all those rooms are just super !

    I hope you have a graet rest of the week.

  4. I am so glad that you like those!
    You know that I stitched those just for you...I put those tags on there just to throw you off! Hasn't my stitching ability greatly improved?
    I love those extra pics you posted...I love daydreaming like that too!

  5. Oh, I know, Janene, you sew as well as I do!!! NOT!!! LOL

  6. I love those pictures.....yes I could move right in there! Beth

  7. YUP!! Those rooms will do very well!! Love them all....!!

  8. Great stitcheries... they so suit you!

    Thanks for the "keep your chin up"... I know that if I don't it will be "keep your chins up"! Actually things aren't going all that bad... I am however, finding myself in need of a real good kick in the butt! I think that next week will be the re-start week and I know I'll shock my body into a nice result at the scale!

    Hugs to you my friend, Kimberly

  9. Terry,
    How sweet of Janene to send you those stitcheries...they are so cute. Love your decorating/daydreaming pictures. I've been doing alot of that while being off my feet to get the fluild off from around my knees. Wouldn't it be wonderful to actually tour the inside of some of those homes!!

  10. Hi Terry :)

    Those rooms are gorgeous, even though they're not my style, I can really appreciate the beauty of them :)



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