Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some (few) spring tweaks

Ok, I must confess. I mean, its fine for others...but....
I don't like anything green, with bunnies, eggs, or anything that even reminds me of hot weather. I know, sounds like a prim sacrilege, but I just can't get into the Spring stuff. Never could. I realized that I just don't lie the colors, esp GREEN. Of course I do like some shades of green, like that found on dollar bills. LOL. But those pastels just don't do it for me. So, I'm feeling so left out. LOL!!
I just love the Fall. I love the colors (the reds, the browns, the blacks, the warmth), the decorating, the smells, ohhh, just everything about it. And I just can't get into this Spring thing. (which, I must add, has nothing to do with the fact that the warm weather now feels great.) We are talking only prim-wise. Maybe its because there's nothing in the thrifties these days (went yesterday -- (NADA, nothing, zilch.) Maybe it's just not cozy. Ah, who knows???!!

So what to do? Well, I did move some things around. I actually had a wonderfully clever idea (modestly speaking.) You may remember that board I got months ago-- I was going to use it for my laptop, but of course, never did. I moved it all over the place, but then got this wild idea at 2am. (Do I need help, or what???) I moved the board to my little desk, and now my "little" desk is somewhat larger! Ok, I can see it is slightly crooked-- will need to fix that. Now, if I can find something for below the desk, I will have a MINI-DRY SINK (!!!) -- kind of, well, sort of. Ok, so its a work in progress. LOL

I have 2 special little stitcheries that Janene sent me in a place of honor under my willow stitchery. And you know I just love my make-do jug lamp. An my firkin was hidden so it's now more open.

That meant I needed to do some work on the mantle. Not that I'm totally against spring, you understand. I took my one Spring-y thing out. My birdhouse. That's it. (Will it be Fall soon??)Well, I must make this confession a short one, because I'm off to WW for my weekly weigh-in. (oh my, a REAL confession, huh?!?) Meanwhile, guess what the fatsy hairball is doing??
You had 3 guesses. LOL. Hope you had a good Thursday!


  1. That is so very sweet of you to hang those stitcheries so soon...and they look wonderful there!
    I am not into the Springy colors either. Why can't it be fall all year long! With the leaves those awesome colors and the temps always mild!! Just a dream!

  2. Terry - I see that the furball is very happy with the new bedspread that you bought him! He looks wonderful on it, I still think it very nice of you to redo your bedroom around him. I agree with the spring decorating. I really liked Linda's pix yesterday - a few sprigs of spring bushes/flowers here and there. ~Ann

  3. Hi, Terry!
    I love spring ~ not the pastels but the weather. I'm so tired of our Michigan weather. I want to get outside and play. Your stitcheries look great on the wall. Oh the life of a kitty, hey? Have a good evening.

  4. I am glad to know I am not the only one that does not care for Spring. First of all I have terrible allergies in the Spring so, bad that I have to sit up to sleep because I can't breathe laying down. Fall colors are my favorite. I love the trees when the leaves start turning and I love to walk in the dry leaves.
    I enjoy the pictures you always have on your blog.

  5. LOL - We love you anway - you don't have like Spring if you don't want to. NO ONE loves fall more than me (Someone said I mentioned it a thousand times last summer) and I don't like spring colors either (except the yellow of forsythia - oh I love that!! I can't wait until our real ones are in bloom.) So all my spring decor is in prim colors - and it works! Even my eggs are in dark colors. I do like prim green - I love the many different shades when the trees start to bud a new. I hate the heat too - but sping is usually gorgeous here so I love it. I sure would like to skip right over summer though and get to fall. So once the heat starts, I know where to come to whine about it and get sympathy right?? :-)

  6. You make me laugh Terry...I love spring not hot not cold but everything is newer looking outside. I guess you could say it's my favorite time of the year with fall being 2nd. The spring things you just have to darken that's all:)
    Have a good evening and loved all your tweaking!

  7. um the furball is...ummm...hmmm...sleeping!!! I actually got my little fur ball outside to wander around today for an hour...she just loves what you have done with your board...good luck tonight at WW..:)

  8. Terry,
    Fall is my favorite time of the year also. I have very few Spring things to put out on display...and the same goes for summer. The one thing that I really don't like about Spring and early Summer is the thunderstorms that we get...I could just do without those.

  9. Hi Terry,
    I think fall is my favorite time of the year. I like Spring, but only because it means WINTER is over!! :)
    I don't really decorate for spring, like I do for fall.
    Your new stitchies look great there!
    Love your brilliant idea for your board too!
    Your kitty cracks me up, he's got it rough doesn't he?! :)

    Have a wonderful Friday!


  10. I agree...fall and winter are definitely the best primitive seasons (although Fourth of July produces lots of cute grungy Uncle Sams). But there's just something about those last two seasons that really inspires primitive artists to break out their paint and brushes and make something (maybe it's that cool weather or icy steps trapping us indoors).


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