Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hi Blogging Buds! Haven't had much time to check in this week. We finally had our one big snowstorm earlier this week-- got about 6 inches. The shore areas like Atlantic City got it much worse -- thought this pic was cute. Most of it is already melted away, and it's getting warmer (like 50) today, so that should be the end of that. Nice while it lasted!

The week has been busy at work, so I haven't had a chance to do one prim thing, not even a TS. This is what I'm feeling like-- Tired!
So this little post will be short. Just want to say hello, and see what my buds have been up to. Hopefully will get a longer post out this weekend... will be helping my mom on Saturday and then she's coming over for dinner. WW tonite...the usual routine. So have a good day -- I'm off to the office. I have an all-day nursing conference tomorrow...and then the weekend! Yea! Have some redo plans for Sunday.... so have a good Thursday!


  1. OMG! No thrift shopping? I would die of withdrawal!
    I left you an email yesterday...I really need it!

  2. Good Morning Terry!....our snow is melting fast today, it's the first day well above freezing and it's only going to get progressively warmer over the weekend, yuck!'re the only person I know who I can commiserate with over warm temps! LOL....have a wonderful day! Jane t :)

  3. Sorry about the snow... I know that I am ready for spring and I am actually thrilled that it is suppose to be in the high 50's today and 60's tomorrow here in Ohio (YAHOO). Hopefully you can get out soon.


  4. I'm so ready for spring, I think today it got to 52* here but so nice with the sun:)Even ran in the store without a coat on:)


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