Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hi Blogbuds,

I have been MIA for a few days trying to get some things done. I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. It was nice here, and then all of a sudden the temp dropped to the 50's (yipeee!) so I was able to get in the mood to do some stuff. I hate to be redundant but as you know, I just hate the heat and the weekend was humid on top of it. So, let's see what is new here in the the city of brotherly love....all kinds of news...
Last week, I had a chance to do some TS visits, and picked up a few really good things.
The best was the 3 drawer thingie for $9 at one of my favorite concessions shops. I love the candle sconce for 75 cents, and the picture frames. Haven't worked on those frames yet, because I didn't realize that the backs are really tacked on tightly. So that has turned into a project. I'm not sure how to get those backs off.
Here's the finished sconce... and... the 3 drawer thingie. Here's how I placed it on the wall...Just a nice mix of black and barn red to give it that red/brown-ish color.

One of the great things about a few days off is the opportunity to catch up on some reading and drooling... ( more drooling, esp now that I'm on such a tight budget!)...

So, I had a chance to check out some ideas in these fabulous catalogues... and of course my favorite read...

and then lookie what I found in the TS for 99 cents!

A July 1993 issue! Last issue talked about the changes in 25 years, and they aren't kidding! You wouldn't see a cover filled with Christmas decorations on a summer issue now... and...

remember how they used to show everything in boxed ads? And look at all of the hearts! And everything pink and blue! Yep, country/prim has certainly evolved to a more early American influence and dontcha just love it?? It's fun to go thru the old issues, tho, and see how tastes have changed.

Ya know, I'm no longer a fan of candles because I am so negligent in watching to make sure I blow them out -- but I picked up the most DEE-lichous candle in my trip to Emmaus -- 1803 candles.
This fabulous scent is "Summer Spice" and wow, does it smell fabulous. I'm hooked.
I did get a chance to redo my bedroom and that's why I was SO TIRED yesterday! You may remember that I had an old love seat in my bedroom -- that is what I tossed out. It just has such an 80's shape and ruined the whole effect. Have you ever tried to move out a piece of furniture by yourself?? Yikes, what job. The love seat itself was light, but it was awkward making the turns to the front door, then down the steps to the trash bin. It was a job, but I'm glad it's done. I will show you some 'after' pics tomorrow -- just got up and the bed isn't made. LOL. Moved the desk down a bit... much better.I had a disappointing Weight Watchers meeting last week, so I'm back to really watching my portions. I have gained about 6 pounds since I hit Lifetime in the the fall. Doesn't sound like a lot but it creeps up and that's not good! So, I'm back to being very careful -- no junk-- and trying to walk a little -- never did get the bike, -- too expensive. So , hopefully, the scale will start to go in the other direction over the next few weeks. Everyone says "you don't look like you gained weight' which is probably true, but -- the worst is when you wake up one day and you DO look it and your clothes don't fit. So, I don't want it to get to that point -- ever! It's true when they say that weight maintenance is a lifelong struggle. It's so easy to take a little of this..., a little of that... and the next thing you know... well, I can't let that happen!! That's why I still go to the meeting every week, at least to weight in. Back to point counting.

My sweetie loves the new slipcover and now has in his head that sleeping upside down with his legs up in the air is just tooo cute! His fur is starting to grow back, evidenced by the trail of hair on the rug again... that didn't take long! I think I'm gonna keep it short -- he seems to be so happy that way -- odd for a Maine Coon who is born hairy!

Well, that's my catch-up for today...hope to have some more news to share tomorrow... I'm off the rest of the week, so maybe I can get to these projects if the weather stays yucky. Hope you are all well and have a great day! I've been keeping up with your blogs and most of you have been showing some wonderful stuff!


  1. HI Tery, It's chilly and rainy here too and after the heat of the weekend, it is fine with me too! I like layers of clothing! LOL Enjoy your week off!

    hugs, Linda

  2. Hey Terry,
    Well its about time sister.I love reading what you are up too and i have had serious withdrawls from your fur baby...he looks so precious and mine sleeps the same way..and it just melts me...she needs a hair cut too.she is getting matted in her back I cut them off..she looks like she had a nasty couldn't put her through a hair cut though..It would traumatize she will get the nasty hair cuts and a good your redos..can't wait to see more...have a great weeke off..:)

  3. Hi Terry!
    Glad to see your post today, I've missed you!

    I love the three drawer chest that you redid so nice!

    Your cat is something else...almost human, makes me laught!

  4. Hi Terry,
    Great finds! Love the candle holder!! Your kitty is just so adorable!! I did find me some barn red paint...thanks for letting me know where to find it.
    hugs, Cindy

  5. I love that sconce....I redid one, but I sold I want one for me!
    You ain't kidding about a lifelong commitment to weight loss. Come on over I have the perfect workout plan...ladder climbing, paint rolling,dirt shelvin', floor layin'.....well you get the idea! Membership is free!
    LOL, Beth


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