Friday, May 8, 2009

What a great day in Hereford, PA!!

My girlfriend Stacy and I had such a fun day off today -- we both really needed a day away from the usual stress and mess, and this kind of day was just perfect! The sun was shining (finally), it was about 75 degrees, breezy -- just right for a day at some wonderful shops about 2 hours out of Philly (without traffic would have been faster)!
We started out about 11:30 and took what turned out to be the very long way to meet Judy at The Cinnamon Stick ( Judy was sweet and emailed me her phone number in case we got lost -- and we did! Finally found it after a few wrong turns calling her and pulled up to what is sure to look familiar to you!How totally cute! Judy met us at the door -- it is so great to meet blogging buds in person! After we went in to see this most amazing old building, I drooled for a while and then went shopping! Here's a few pics of her oh-so-cute shop! Both of these are on the second floor --for some reason, the camera got weird downstairs and I missed a few -- such great stuff for the pantry...
And luscious candles...
In fact, there are scrumptious smelling candles everywhere! Here is Judy and me...

and me with my closest girlfriend...
What a trooper!!! She has been sick all week but insisted on going today -- she had a great time and felt tons better after a day away, too. The Weight Watcher Twins.
After a delightful conversation and some hints from Judy on where to go next, we started for the next shop, which is right next door to Judy's shop.

All of you needle crafters out there would have wet your pants in this one. All kinds of homespun, rug hooking stuff, and wool. Lovely.
Then we went down the road a piece to a store that was another treat. All I could think of as I walked in there was "Linda Rudman would LOVE this store!!!!" It's called Aunt Daisy's and I was so excited that I forgot to take out the camera! Here's the web site-- you must take a look. All Early American inspired -- and the 'real thing' -- talk about drooling. Every single thing in the store is handmade by crafters -- and what a treat for the eyes (but not the pocketbook, unfortunately, since I could have bought up the store.). I got the feeling that the artisans are Amish -- not only because the work was perfection, but because there is such an Amish influence throughout the area.We spent quite a while there as well, since we were greeted by the sweetest Golden Retriever, who laid down in front of us, turned over and exposed his goodies so we could scratch his tummy for a half an hour. All you could hear was his tail thumping on the floor! And I can't forget his sister -- a Chocolate Lab who is so laid back and so sweet. Both rescued, and both pooches I fell in love with. We chatted with the owners for the longest while -- made new friends. I did buy some textile -- my tablecloth, which I wanted for the longest time. Can't wait to go back in the Fall. A beautiful store in every way. I'll take a droop rag next time.
We passed by an "Antique" Mall -- so we went in. HUGE. My feet were killing me. Reminded me of the concession shop I go to down here, but most of the goodies were overpriced. But a fun look at some very unique things.
Then stopped for dinner and came home! Here is my stash from the day (not that I should have spent so much, but hell, I work like a dog, and I needed this! (OK, so I'm rationalizing, but I'll be good from now on.)
Oh, how I love this tablecloth! And isn't the herb bag from Judy's shop adorable? And the candle...and the huge blue Mason jar which will be a lamp by tomorrow....

Got some battery candles and some tapers...and that was our day!!! Thank you so much for your hospitality, Judy -- we will see you again soon!!! Your shop is wonderful!!


  1. Oh, what a perfect day you had, Terry ~ meeting a blogging bud, time with your best friend, and prim shopping. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I would of love to went through all those shops. Have a wonderful Mothers Day.

    Hugs Pam

  3. Hi Terry,
    So glad you got a day to get away with your best friend. What wonderful prim shops you went to!! I checked out Aunt Daisy's web-site also. No wonder you were drooling at these stores and you got some great goodies.
    hugs, Cindy

  4. WOW! Now that's a great day!!
    So happy you got to meet your bloggin' bud :) (great pics btw!)
    Love your goodies, especially that table cloth!!!
    I'm gonna go check out that site, thanks for sharing!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. How wonderful to get to go to Judy's store...sounds like a wonderful town to shop im:)

    Love the tablecloth and all you prim goodies you found:)

  6. Hi Terri....I am happy you had a good trip to Hereford and hope you come again - It was so wonderful to meet you and Stacy. You brought sunshine with you and good memories of a fun time! Sending hugs, Judy

  7. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Aunt Daisys in Emmaus - love the spot on the corner and beautiful stone house they are in!!!!!!!!!!I have been there MANY times!! We have VERY close friends that live in Slatington PA and Pat and Joe took me to Aunt Daisys years ago and I have been back every very few years. My black settle bench in the front hall? I first saw a bigger one at AD and the owners even offered to deliver it to us on their way to Cape Cod. But hubby thought it was too bog for the spot and he was right. A lot of my really nice homespun towels and runners came from there as well as redware and the mustard bowl with the neat design on the bottom that is hanging in the dining room, and my candle mold on the red shelf in the living room. OH and the small floorcloth in the hall by the kitchen doorway and the matching placemats on the desk in fromt of me too. OH and my homespun pillow cover on the small pillow on our bed. That was hanging in the hallway display. I just love her buttery display too - oh heck, I love it all! In fact, when I was turning 50 in 2005,and it was our 30th anniversary that summer AND I retired from my job, Pat and Joe's daughter was getting married that fall and I told DH, just get me a $10,000 gift certificate to Aunt Daisy's and I will spend it when we go down for the wedding. THAT didn't happen but I did come home with some treasures!

    Sorry for writing a book! You got me all excited! LOL I am so glad you had such a nice day and came home with some treasures - especially the textiles - YUMMY! Thanks for thinking of me... and reminding me we need a trip to PA soon!

    BTW, Connie, from CT Log Cabin blog knows Judy and the owners of aunt Daisys very well.

    Have a great weekend, I must go shower and get ready for the shower! hugs, Linda

  8. PS David informed me I only asked for $5 grand to spend there! LOL

  9. Looks and sounds like a wonderful time...!! I have never been to Hereford, but have heard many awesome things about the area.. I must take a road trip there. Thanks for sharing..and have a great weekend:))

  10. Oh, it sounds like you two ladies, who like to dress alike, had a wonderful time!
    You purchased some fantastic items...I don't know how you showed such self restraint! LOL
    Hope you are having a great weekend...Thanks for the email update...I can't wait!

  11. Sure sounds like you had a great time!
    What a wonderful shop!

  12. How wonderful you got to go to Judy's place - Lucky you.
    Glad you had fun and yes, we all deserve to buy ourselves goodies...yeahhhh for you.

  13. Hi Terry :)

    Sounds like you had a great day! You deserve it :)


  14. Hi Terry ~~ I think we must have just missed each other at Judy' I was doing the very same shops you were that Friday. Glad you had a great time !! The dogs you were loving at aunt daisy's are Kaleb (my best buddy) and Blue the docile chocolate lab.
    Nothing better than a shopping trip in PA, love the goodies you brought home.
    Hugs ~ Connie xox


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