Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hi Blogbuds,

Not much new here. Busy weekend just helping my mom get some things done. It's hard to plan for outdoor stuff -- one day it's 85 and humid and I'm turning on the a/c, and literally the next day it's 40 and I have to switch to the heat to take the chill out. Yikes. Today is sunny and supposed to be 75. Here's hoping....

Anyway, let's see what I have to share with you today. I'm fighting with my camera. LOL. No matter what I do, and how dark the room is, I just can't get the right lighting and the pictures don't turn out right. And my head must be on crooked, too. There's a tilt to everything. LOL.

I'm going to be around this weekend, so I have two things I'd like to get done. One is to add a long shelf over my patio door window, and the other is to clean out the den a/k/a junk room. In doing so, I would be able to make some tweaks to my bedroom. So I'll be busy and show you the end result afterward.

I did one to show you one or two little tweaks. This cost zero -- old re-painted frame and a download from the internet.

And I finally finished the letter holder and desk.
And... I think this is why people say cats are so relaxing. Just sleep wherever your head happens to fall! So what if you wake up with a stiff neck from sleeping on a shelf?? LOL

On that happy and relaxing note, I'm off to work! Have a great day everyone!


  1. oh that big boy is too precious...wish I could fall asleep and be comfortable and not have a worry in the world..have a great week..;)

  2. That letter holder makes the desk seem like whole new piece! Love it!!

    hugs, Linda

  3. Just finished priming my bedroom on Sunday. Hopefully this Saturday I'll be painting it. Betsy Ross brown with white trim. I can't wait till it's done. Then comes refinishing the floor. I'll post some pics on my blog when it's done. Have a great day!

  4. The weather has been crazy here too!
    I love how the letter holder turned out...It really does look like the table and the holder were made to be together.
    Enjoy your week and get that camera working so we can see some more pics!
    I still love sniffing that sweet annie that you gifted me...I would love to plant that stuff around my studio so that I can smell it out there too!
    Have a great day!

  5. Oh my! The letter holder looks like it is part of the desk. It fits and looks so perfect. Good job!

  6. Love that letter holder on the desk...it looks like one piece.
    Thanks for letting me know about the barn red paint.

  7. Oh darn, I posted a comment and then lost it!
    What I said was that I found so many wonderful blogs through the APP forum and yours is one!
    And that I love the red desk and looooove your kitty.
    Hugs, Karen


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