Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Can I borrow Noah's Ark?

Yes, it's STILL raining here in Philly -- I have to admit that I love the cool weather, but yikes, I am about to sprout flower buds and mold!! Just kidding -- but the grey days have gotten to everyone -- and it's not supposed to get better until next week!!

Anyway, my trip to the GW was a bust. Nada, zip. Waste of time (in the rain, of course). But tomorrow I should have a chance to run into my favorite one up in Bryn Athyn so maybe, just maybe, I'll find something. What I have been really looking for is something like this:

This is from Circa 1820, my favorite store so I thought I'd give them a plug (not that they need it!) Check them out at Anyway, I have been trying to find a piece like this for my wooden bowls, but so far no luck. One of these days I'll find one...

The only thing I have had time to do is a re-paint of this. Wish I could show you the original, but of course all my old pics were lost with the computer crash. It was brown and in my kitchen.

I am always so inspired when I root thru the Circa 1820 catalogue. This actually is a much deeper blue/green with the red underneath -- not too clear in this picture. I moved it to the living room.

I am still hoping to get to Cinnamon Stick on Friday, but my GF left me a message tonite that she has a sore throat!! Better not be swine flu!! Here's hoping that she gets a good nite's sleep and is better by tomorrow -- or Friday -- since we both are looking forward to it.
Finally, this week is National Nurses Week. It hasn't been easy for nurses this past year so if you know a nurse, thank them for what they do -- it would mean alot, I'm sure.
Hafta go read up on everyone's blog -- I'm so behind! I did get to check what Rondell is up to at and we have the same shower curtain! Great minds think alike!! Hope everyone has a great evening!


  1. Hey Terry, I will use my boat and come and get you...geez louise did we get slammed too with all the rain..I was just telling my husband we don't need to worry about anything drowning on the other hand...I took photos of our wheelbarrow it is full of water..and it was like this after one day...gotta go and tip all of the wagons, the wheelbarrow, buckets, planters etc to rid them of all the extra water..when it rains it pours..:)

  2. Hey girl, I haven't been here in a while! Your shelf is beautiful, I love the color combo!
    Hugs to you my friend! Kimberly

  3. Oh, and it's dumping here too! Must be payback for the summer-ish April we had!

  4. My favorite item on your shelf is the box on top! What a great job you did on all!
    You are a crafty woman...why don't you just get out your saw and hammer and build yourself a bowl rack!?
    I would love to have one of those myself!
    Have a great weekend...and I hope the rain stops here and there!

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  6. Hope you get to make it to the Cinnamon Stick. You will LOVE Judy AND her shop! A dear friend & my fave shop that I can't wait to get to each trip up to Pa (we go at least twice a year)...
    Have fun!

  7. Hi Terry,
    Love the plate shelf that you are wanting. Also love the color that you redid your little shelf unit in and it looks great where you hung it on the wall.
    We had rain yesterday here in Ohio, but it didn't rain today. However, they are calling for storms over-night.
    Have a great weekend.
    hugs, Cindy


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