Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some TS goodies

Hi Blogbuds-- can you believe it is Thursday already? This week really went by fast! I had a chance to do a quick drive by to my favorite TS a few days ago, and I found one or two goodies to share...
I picked this up -- I needed a mirror by the front door to make sure I look presentable (LOL) and when I saw this I grabbed it. Before:

and after:

Perfect. Lets see... what else -- a few bowls that I'm still working on... that's it. It was enough.
I did get to finally redo the thingie on my newly redone desk -- and I can't believe it actually matches, since I smush paint and go. Never really that careful with the colors, not to mention that I was running our of barn-red and had to toss some brown in to give me enough to finish.

I thought I'd like the drawer brown, but I don't, so when I replenish my bard-red later today, I'll do a quick redo on it. I actually might even use it for its purpose -- to keep my mail organized!

Oh, and check this out -- do you remember this oldie? I didn't like the heart soooo....
now don't laugh -- because I am SO NOT an artist!!! --

Did you ever see an "O" like that??? LOL. Now that I"m looking at the photo, I may have to do a quick re- glue since some of the heart is still showing. But you get the idea. And can I show you my new slipcover one more time? I LOVE it. I can't imagine why it took me so long to think of it.

I'm now in the process of updating my slide show now that the living room is done. It's taking a while, as you know, but I hope to get it done soon!

Ok, on to other topics. I have decided that I need to exercise more or I will start gaining weight again. I weighed in last week (and weigh in tonite) and there was no change, in fact a lost a few ounces (big whoop) but, I'm not being as careful with my food choices when I am at the office. Too many Philly soft pretzels around -- they are hard to walk past without taking a few bites. SO -- I am getting a new bike tonite. Wallys' has good prices, and I think I will stick with it. Once I clean out my den AGAIN over Memorial Day weekend, I will store it on the wall in there. Until then... not sure. The landlord doesn't permit anything in the back halls --but I might sneak it in there for just a week or two. I love to bike ride and I need to get this body moving again.
And my poor widdle cat! I hadn't realized that the groomer forgot to put the bell collar back on after he had his buzz cut. He crept up behind me in the kitchen yesterday and I didn't know it....and OUCH -- I walked on his paw. He let out a yelp and ran away from me -- he was mad at me. (Cat lovers know this instinctually. LOL). By the time I got home from work yesterday, he got over it, and the paws are fine. He's back doing his usual activity - SLEEPING -- and he forgot all about it. But I felt awful and will get that collar replaced today.
And finally -- I pick the winner of my 100th post giveaway TOMORROW -- so if you'd like a nice bunch of sweet annie, candles and candles nubs, and some homespun in a cute wooden tray -- you need to email me by tomorrow at 6-ish. Will post winner tomorrow nite.
That's it for me -- have a great day!


  1. Your mail cubby looks great! I know what you mean about exercising! I use to walk our bike trails a LOT but have gotten lazy! We even have a treadmill all set up in the family room down stairs and I'm STILL too lazy to get on it! My DH uses it faithfully every day for 30 min.!!! I hate him...LOL

    I know how you feel when you step on your cat! We have 2 and we have to make sure one or both are not sitting right in back of us when we're in the kitchen. They like to "sneak" up behind you...LOL Little buggers! I think they think they'll get a hand out. They seem to get over it quickly when that does happen but you feel so terrible and, of course, they need some extra TLC when they do decide to come back around and forgive you! LOL

  2. Hi Terry, that's my daughter...should have said that:)

    I love how your candle holder turned out doesn't even look like the first picture of it, it's so amazing how just a little paint can change the look of things.


  3. Hi Terry,
    Your candle holder turned out great!!...and I love the mail cubby! I have a question for you...Where did you get your Barn Red paint? I have a bottle of some that is about all used up and I can't seem to find any more of it.

  4. oh don't I know about hurting my babys feelings..did it last night and it took an hour before she came out of hiding..makes me feel bad too..have a great weekend..:)

  5. Mornig Terry,
    Your make over on the candle scones is wonderful...doesn't even resemble the original.

    Poor kitty - yep, they sure do run fast but they also forget/forgive even faster thank goodness!



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