Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I said I'd be good...but...

...I had to make one more purchase. I had to get a slipcover for my sofa. At the time I got it, which was only a few years ago, the colors and the pattern were country-ish -- but I started not to like it recently -- clashed too much. Plus, I spilled coffee on it (!!) and didn't even notice that I had a stain until it was dry! Not being on the market for a new sofa, I did the next best thing -- went to Wally's and got a black slipcover. It wasn't expensive and I love how it changes the room.
It's a soft ribbed stretch material, black, and fits just right. Ok, no more big purchases until this economy thing passes. It will be GW and TS for me only!

Speaking of purchases, I forgot to show you the sugar cone that I got when I went to see Judy in Hereford. How could I forget this? It's so cute.

And I did make that lamp out of the big blue mason jar. Left Judy's tag on, just because it's so cute!
Oh, and I repainted one of my tables....

This used to be black. I loved that I saw something similar at Aunt Daisy's in this color, so I did a redo. I hope to get to the letter holder tonite after work. Trying to decide what to put in the box below-- any suggestions?
That's it for today! Hope to have some new photos for you tomorrow. Meanwhile, hope everyone is doing well this week. I loved all the Mothers Day posts -- what we do without MOMS??


  1. Your slipcover looks like it was meant for your sofa!
    I love what you are doing with your makeovers...I am always so amazed how a little paint can transform things into something so different!
    I just received the sweet annie, and let me just say "I am in Love"! I have never smelled anything to heavenly! Thank you!
    I wish I could quit sniffing it!

  2. Like the slipcover. Hope it doesn't show cat fur too much...LOL

    Love the lamp you made. It turned out great!

    Hope you had a good day :)

  3. Your slip cover looks great, Terry :)
    Love that lamp too!

    Have a great day.

  4. Wow! You have been busy!
    I love the slipcover too!

  5. Hi Terry,
    It did make a difference! Great idea...love the paint job too:)


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