Monday, September 28, 2009

This was me yesterday. LOL!

I had an itch to finally learn how to change my background and re-design my blog – gee, if I was bored with it, then I know my fellow-bloggies must be bored with it also. So I read a bunch of articles, and found myself at Daisy Grey's website and realized that she made it really easy to do. So thank you, Daisy, for making blog design so easy!!! I must have sat with this laptop for hours trying to figure it out, but it was fun.
Then I had this idea about my header, so I changed that one, too. I’m nowhere when it comes to HTML, but all of the little tricks that come with all the downloaded programs really helped me to do this today. I was in a bit of a creative mood yesterday, so I really enjoyed playing, surfing, clicking, and hoping I didn’t delete the whole blog!! I have to do the blog for work, too – so I thought I need a counter for it. Can you believe I just learned how to upload a counter?? After all this time? LOL. Do you like it better this way?
We had a wonderful cool, rainy Sunday here in the big city, so I was in tweaky mind-set. Nothing big, just a few things. I had a very busy week, getting home late from work, helping out my mom a few evenings this week, so a quiet rainy weekend was just what the doctor (or nurse, in this case!) ordered. Had a chance to catch up on some reading (Ted Kennedy’s autobiography) and take a nap and just chill. My apt smelled yummy thanks to Debbie at 1803 candles – what delicious candle melts she has. I have controlled my spending urges, except for my melts – and she has wonderful scents and great customer service. What can be better than a good book, a rainy day, and delicious Fall scents in every room? My friends were busy or out of town – so it was a perfect time to just relax.
Nothing better than a comfy nap on a lazy Sunday...
The best candle melts! Yummy scents!

I saw a basket like this in a prim shop for $12. So I decided to make one myself from a basket I had. Much better cost -- Free!

I have something really good coming from my mom’s later this week -- it’s bigger than a breadbox, because it wouldn’t fit in my Honda! Till then, have a great week!


  1. Your blog looks great. I just love those candle melts too. I think I may have some holiday ones stashed away from clearance last year. I may have to dig them out!! Have a great day.

  2. Bigger than a breadbox?? What a tease! Can't wait to see what it is!!!

  3. Ahhhh what a great way to spend a day! Days like that are my favorite!
    I can't wait to see what you are bringing home from your mommy's house! I hope you don't make us wait long!
    I like the way your blog looks...of couse I liked it before too...but change is good!
    I am now going to have to see about those tart melts...I love the smell of good things when I enter a home.
    Have a great week!

  4. Love the new blog look, Daisy's tips and codes do make it easy!
    cant wait to see what you get from mom's!

  5. Hey Terry...well its about time!!! your blog looks great all nice and cozy your header and thanks for my kitty photo..:)


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