Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall has Arrived!! Yipeeeee!

Hi Blog Buds,
Happy First Day of Fall! We had a glorious Fall weekend here in SE Pennsylvania! (Everything comes to he who waits, right??) Cool breezy nights, warm (but not hot) days, leaves starting to change. Good weather to get lots done. And I was a busy bee this weekend!
Because I live so close to the river, I am inundated with spiders this time of year (outside, not in!) So I cleaned up my balcony, got rid of a ton of webs, washed the windows. Pulled out more Fall ‘stuff’ – business clothes, especially.
Sunday, I took some new photos for my updated Fall picture trail so click the Philly street to your right and check out some out some new photos of my teeny-tiny prim apt.
I’m at work, so I can’t write a newsy post, but I did want to mark the first day of Fall! Hope everyone is having a great day – thought I’d give you some local natural eye candy to mark Fall arriving. I know so many of you live in more rural areas, so I thought I’d share what the big city looks like adorned in autumnal splendor! There is something very special about the way the sunlight hits the buildings in the city – just love it, and hope you enjoy, too!

There's nothing like a college campus in the Fall, esp an old one like the University of Pennsylvania!
Fairmount Park is the Fall -- delicious!

The Philadelphia Art Museum in the Fall -- where's Rocky??
More Univ of PA -- what a beautiful campus, right in the heart of West Philly. Makes me want to head back to my teaching career. There is nothing like a college campus in the Fall.

New Hope, PA -- not too far from me in Bucks County. Very artsy -- very expensive, but very pretty.
The city at dusk on a Fall night. Perfection!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. WOW!!! Beautiful pictures! I haven't been to Philadelphia in over 30 years! It sure is a beautiful city!!!

  2. wow!!! I love the trees in fall.. you are officially a day early for fall..according to my calendar it is tomorrow..and its almost tomorrow your time..have a great week...more furry photos please..I can't get enough of your little guy.:)


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