Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall goodies and something for Gina!

Just a quick post to say hello and show you what our gardener did – you know, apt/city living doesn’t always allow for nice outside Fall gatherings, but we must have a very Fall-loving crew here! I came home to this in front of my door yesterday – nice, eh?

Just a reminder to click here for my redo’s in my little home – all dressed up for Fall. We’re having a mini-heat wave (oh my!!! a/c is back on!) but hopefully won’t last long.

I think they did a cute job on the pumkins!
BTW, has anyone else on Blogger lost their peeps list?? I noticed that no matter what I do, they have disappeared!? Pics and all! I've noticed that some of the blogs I've visited don't have them either. Can't tell if it's me, Google, or what!
This post is really for my blog bud Gina, who has reminded me that my big fat hairball has not been getting his share of blog time, due to my obsession with the new season! So, Gina, and any of my other bloggies who love Coonies, here’s a few shots of Ozzy doing what he always does, which is relax and take it easy. Especially when I work from home, the fat boy just sits near me and naps. What a love! That’s when he’s not eating or slobbering on me!!!)

"uh,oh -- she's back with the camera again!"

"...and she keeps making fun of my big feet!! Like she's petite, yeah, right!"
"I hear the treat bag! Well, I have to perform, I guess. Love those treats."

This is waaaaayyyy too much work!!! It's time for another...... NAP!!!"
Ahhhhh, that's better.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Sweet post Terry! Oh, and Ozzy too!

  2. Oh Terry!! you have certainly made my day!!! your Ozzy is just too cute and reminds me so much of my Pody Lynn..they even sleep the same way...and when she hears me coming..gets even cuter on me and strikes her poses that melt me...I love her big fluffy toes...Pody has them too..all 13 pounds of her..she sure feels heavier though..but I just love her...Thanks so much for showing me your kitty..and I love the fall decor your group has put are making them festive I tell you...looks great..I need to get some hay bale and some corn stalks..have a great wednesday and give your baby a love for me..:)

  3. Love the outdoor decor - how nice to have that greet you - in this FREAKIN heat even!! UGH! I am not happy I tell you! LOL I was wondering if it was bugging you too and I guess it is!!

    Stay cool!!

  4. Hi Terry, I was wondering the same thing about the peeps thingy I can't see mine or others on their blogs sooooooooo it must be blogger!!!

    Your cat sure is a cutie")

  5. Hi Terry!
    I love your home and yes, the gardner's did an awesome job of decorating...what a nice surprise for you!

    Love your adorable kitty!

    Now you have an adorable apt. and it's so tastefully decorated. I love it.

    Great view of the city!


  6. Hey Terry, I love all your fall decor. It's just the best season of all, isn't it? Your adorable cat is just as kissable as they come. BTW...I also had trouble with my follower list and when I researched it, it said to clear the computers cache and cookies. Once I did that it came back immediately. Hope that helps you.


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