Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bigger than a breadbox...and more tiny tweaks

Hi Blog Buds!

Here is my ‘bigger than a breadbox’ treat from my mom – a fifty year old wing- back chair. There’s a story behind it. First of all, it belonged to my beloved late aunt, who died over 20 years ago. When she moved from Philly to Florida, she decided to buy new furniture, and gave me the chair and some other goodies (like my bedroom deco desk, her silver, etc). My aunt and I obviously came from the gene pool – she loved to redecorate constantly (today we call it tweaking!) and I adored her. So, I had the chair for a long time, and like a real stooge, I got bored with it and gave it to my mom, ohhhh, about 5 years ago. I happened to open up this month’s CS, and what did I see? A wing-back chair VERY similar to my aunt’s chair – and for $250 dollars. Back I went to my mom’s and told her I WANT IT BACK!!! LOL!!! She wasn’t using it so she had no problem with giving it back to me for the second time!

Of course, it is well over 50 years old, and has become discolored from age, and wear and tear. I will eventually recover it and repaint the legs. But for now, I think it works just fine! it has great bones, as does most furniture made years ago. I should be able to find a slipcover on line, but it will be hard to find one that fits because of the wings. I'm open to any suggestions you may have. I thought the upholstery was removable and I could wash it, but alas, it is tacked.
I did a few other smaller tweaks. I changed the lampshade on my Stiffel lamp and it immediately primmed it up. (So why had I never thought of it before??) It's red checks, but the pattern didn't photograph well.
And I repainted the little redo shelf I had used in my kitchen for my soap. Just a small change by moving it to another room.

And what do you think my coonie was doing while all of this tweaking was going on?? Gee, this should be no surprise!! LOL.

Well, it’s bedtime already… my tweaking and a long work day tired me out! Hope you all have a great rest of the week. Thanks for stopping by to visit!


  1. love your redos..must love your little coonie most of all..:)

  2. What a great treasure that you have in that chair!! Love the redos!

  3. Love your chair, what a wonderful hand-me-down to have and cherish for years to come!!!
    Love your tweeks too! ;)

    ...oh and of course, your spoiled lil man there...he just cracks me up! (hope it doesn't offend ya that I say "spoiled"?) He acts like my spoiled boy, LOL...and mine is WAY spoiled!!)

    Have a beautiful day, girl!


  4. Love the chair Terry, how neat that it was your aunts:) Hope your having a wonderful fall day in Philly!


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