Thursday, September 10, 2009

FALL REDO (pt.1)

Hi Blogbuds~
Before I get to the good stuff, I wanted to let you all know that my biopsies were fine and any and all 'suspicious' cells have been removed! So, I have a new incision to show off (!!) but all is well, Thank God, and I thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers. It was a little scary, and a reminder that we need to always be vigilant.

And then there was....another redo.....

Labor Day, huh? Well, yes indeedy, I certainly 'labored.' In fact, I've been 'off' all week and used the time to declutter-- sure, I would have rather spent the week in the Caribbean or something nice like that, but that will need to wait until I'm back to earning my full salary! Sometimes I need a few days to just do the fall cleaning, declutter all of the junk that accumulates, and get organized. So that's what I did. I repainted my home office (FINALLY!!!) and (I'm embarrassed to say) filled up 2 trash dumpsters with junk, PLUS took 6 boxes to the TS to donate!!! And that doesn't include the furniture and book cartons that I dumped in my mom's garage!!!! So, after, yes, count them...5 days of cleaning, painting, hauling boxes and furniture, redoing and rearranging, I'm done!!! Tomorrow is my trip to see Judy at Cinnamon Stick as well as my long-awaited trip to Aunt Daisy's!!!! So, once I bring home some new goodies, I'll post "part 2" of my rearranged living room as well as my new goodies!!! We are expecting a rainy day here tomorrow, but who cares?? We're off to Hereford!

So, first, after I removed an indescribable amount of junk, I emptied the room and repainted. I used a color this time -- a warm chestnut.
(hmm, need to do something with the electric cords, huh??Not sure what, tho!) Any ideas?

The room is small (as you might remember from past efforts!) -- this is the other side, and under the window. It's FALL!!! I need to get a better pic of this display!!

Here's the dining room display, with the furrball checking it out.

And I did this little pumpkin with some paint and candles. It was an old cutting board that came out of the 'junk' -- except that this had potential!

Isn't it great that Fall has finally arrived (more or less!) and that we can take all of our Fall goodies out of storage? I love this time of year!!!

I'll be back soon with Part 2 (a MUCH roomier living room) and all of my goodies from our trip tomorrow! Like my redo of my bench in front of my sofa!! I like it so much I'm using it as my blog pic!


  1. I do love your new header and I love the fresh color in your really made all the rest of the colors pop and it is such a warm and cozy color...thank you for my furry picture too..I have missed seeing that little stinker..have fun tomorrow..:)

  2. thank goodness everything is fine with you!
    Love the paint color and the fall touches!

  3. I am soooooo glad the news is good!WOOHOO!

    Now celebrate by having a wonderful day tomorrow and take LOTS of pictures!!

    hugs, Linda

  4. Terry,
    So glad to that the news is good!! Your fall decor is looking great! Have fun tomorrow and hope that you have lots of pictures to share with us.


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