Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blah, blah, blah....

That is how this miserable summer is making me feel: BLAH! We just had another flood/torrential downpour/ HUMIDITY -- every afternoon about 4:30, just in time to have to drive home in a humid monsoon. It's really not for me, (and, it's dangerous to drive in) so, I am so glad that tomorrow is the first day of August -- that means one more month, and we start to approach Fall. I just have no energy -- this weather just really sucks the juice out of me. Projects just get added to the list to do later. BLAH!!

On the other hand, I did make it to the TS, and got some very cute goodies. This is my favorite. Storage from the top plus the drawer! Only $5.
And, how about this cute plate (upside down, whoops.) pineapple with a crow. I love it!
And how about this brown bowl for about $1?? I actually use it, since I eat barrels of salad every day. That was all, but not bad for a lunch-break run to a TS. I still haven't had a chance to get to my favorite one -- maybe tomorrow, if it doesn't rain (right!!!) and if it's not too hot. I'm trying to find a bowl rack, but have been unsuccessful for months. So if anyone has one out there, and the price is right.... email me and let's make a deal!
You must be getting sick of seeing my ugly feet, but Ozzie the Wonder Cat apparently loves my tootsies. His head is hanging down, and his little fat legs are up in the air. Yes, he's asleep, the doofus. Then...he got into his usual nap position. Is my boy a love bug, or what??? Especially when he slobbers on my feet, as Maine Coons do when they are in a lovey dovey mood with the person they own!
Then, there is FACEBOOK!! Ok, now that I'm on there, what do I do next? LOL? I have no idea! Anyway, I saw a few of you on the APP page, but I didn't want to be intrusive. So, if you guys want to 'be my friend" just click me! Yet another place to talk decorating and T2T ideas!! Just how long are we supposed to be hooked up to our computers???? Gee, I'm on it most of the day for work, then blog, then checking out new eye candy, then emails, ....yikes. Next thing you know we'll be taking out 'puters to bed with us! (NOT!)

That's it from soggy, humid, and hot Philadelphia. Hope the weather is much better where you are! Have a great weekend!


  1. We have the same weather here. DH and I drove 30 + minutes in it each way to get to Babys R Us for something Liliana needed. ONLY for her. Maybe if we close our eyes and click our heels together, we can transport ourselves to fall??

    Stay dry and cool! hugs, Linda

  2. Thank God for central air!
    You TS goodies are to die for! Especially the wooden storage with the drawer! FABULOUS!
    I can't wait to see where you are going to display it!
    And that bowl...wonderful! I can see lots of salad in there. Mmmmm!
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Awwww... your kitty is ADORABLE all snuggled up to your feet!


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