Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ain't Paint Great?

And I didn't even know I could be a poet! LOL. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I had some browser issues, so I'm just getting to post because I was having blog picture problems.
The weather here was really nice for a change, so I had a chance to do some fleaing and TS'ing. Wow, I think I got close to jackpot. And, I had some time to do some repainting (thus my post's title) after being oh-so-inspired by browsing thru a ton of website pics. Sometimes I like to just sit with my feet up, put on a movie, and visit (or revisit) all of the sites that I have bookmarked, and then find some new ones. There have been some pretty great homes and rooms that really had me lost in fantasy land.

I realized that I was getting inspired by color -- yes!-- not just the blacks we all love, but some of the barn reds and blues. So here's what I did this weekend.

The first little makeover was an old bookcase I had hidden in my den (aka junk room) that I had painted black a while ago. I redid it a barn red, and hung it in the dining room rather than sit it on the floor. Moved some things in the DR around, and I really like it!
Then, I took a shelf I had in the DR and repainted it blue, and hung it on a wall in my bathroom.
I can't take the credit for the great idea of storing washcloths and towels in it -- I saw it on someones home pictures. Thought it was a great idea and it was easy for me to add the wooden bars across the shelves (hot glue!) I thought it was such a unique way to store hand towels and wash clothes.Then I had an idea for a summer fireplace cover. A piece of wood, painted with checks, and some homespun. Perfect for my small space.

Now, to the flea/TS goodies. Oh, I was doing a happy dance. The best of the best was this fabulous spindle-backed chair which isn't only prim/colonial, but comfortable as well! I always have a problem sitting at my desk -- with my long legs, I'm always bumping my legs into the desk, and can never get comfortable. This chair (for only $4!) is perfect. And I just love the back of the chair -- so different! Big Boy hiding behind it, checking it out.

The back of the chair has some unusual spindles... and it was made in Strurbridge, Mass and labeled "colonial chair." Cool beans.

A sweet wooden wall box that I eventually polished up -- no need to paint this one. The polish removed all of the scratches you see in this pic.

And a small piece of redware... (didn't photograph too well...) even tho what I really was looking for was yelloware...couldn't beat the price -- 25 cents!
So that was my shopping weekend! And I just love what a little paint and imagination can do, especially since I am still on a very tight budget.
I got into an itch to change my blog appearance, but I didn't get too far. I don't know how to use HTML, so I'm stuck using a Google template. Any suggestions?
And if you are in the mood to check out some redo rooms, I posted an update of my slide show. Just click the brown shelf at the top right. I'm so happy that the next one will be for FALL. Yipeee! I can't really complain this week, tho, because we had some gorgeous weather -- all sun, no humidity -- just beautiful. Hope it's great where you are, too! See you soon, and as always, thanks for stopping by my little blog!


  1. I wondered where you have gone off to.
    I am absolutely in love with your makeovers. I have been starting to use black as a base coat for almost all of my wood lately...I like how the black shows through when I sand it.
    You hit the jackpot with your thrifty finds! My fave is the wall box...very colonial and prim...lucky lucky girl!
    I am off to check out your summer slide show.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. You sure have some great finds! Great finishes too!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS! That chair is worth WAY more than $4!! That is a type of reproduction Windsor chair. Are you sure that isn't made in Gardner MA? Gardner is chair city and home to several furniture companies - or WAS home to them. My mom's cousin lived there and her husband was chief of police there when I was a kkid. We went there for family visits and drove by the HUGE chair they have outside. That is truly a steal!! You done good!

  4. well its about time you blogged Sista..and I only got a little puny glimpse of your big that chair by the way.great buy on have been busy with painting..that I what I am doing today..taking TS finds and sanding and painting and staining to sell in my upcoming show..have a wonderful weekend and give that boy a love for me..:)

  5. Hi Terry :)
    Everything looks wonderful! I LOVE that chair!!
    Have a great weekend.

    oh and your new profile picture is beautiful girl!!

  6. Hi Terry,
    Great redos and thrift shop finds!! "WOW" is all I can say about that hit the jackpot with it as that chair is worth so much more than $4.00. You did good!!!!
    Hope you are having a great weekend.


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