Monday, July 27, 2009

Roses are Red, Violets are BLUE

Hi Blogbuds,
I wish I had something exciting to tell you or show you, but alas, we had a HOT, HUMID and stormy weekend, so I was stuck in the house. Now I love TS shopping, but not even that fun activity will get me out in 90+ degrees!! So I had to do some inside tweaking, and save the TS for tomorrow (ewww, I hope I find something good!) I'm loving blue again, so I did some repainting of goodies I already had. Back to tweaking -- remember the wall shelf from a few weeks ago? Great place for my candle melts...
And I redid my living room shelf -- I will repaint this blue when I replenish my paint supply...
which I used up re-doing these 2 bathroom items....
....they were brownish-black -- I like them much better this way!

Hmmmm, what else...oh, I see a few new peeps following my blog, so I wanted to say thank you and welcome!
Hope I'll have some goodies to show you tomorrow -- I'll have some time to dash into a TS during my lunch hour... till then, your redos are turning out great!!!


  1. Hi Terry!
    Love your blue re-do's! ;)
    Sorry about your unbearable heat....over in my part of PA...well, lets just say, we haven't even had SUMMER yet! Here it is, almost August...and we are way below average as far as temps go! ...oh and then there's the rain!
    whata bummer summer this has been! Prayin for a BEAUTIFUL and LONG Fall!

    Have a great day...I'll try to send some of my temps your way ;)


  2. Hi Terry,

    It has moved up to MA too - YUCK! Thank goodness for a/c huh??!! Last night I was uploading some old scanned pictures showing the blues I used to have in the house. I think I am the only one not adding more blue right now! I hope I am not sorry down the road....

    Stay cool and continue on with the tweaking!! ''hugs, Linda


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