Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Blog buds, I just caught up with my blogland buds' posts, and yikes, you are all so inspiring!!
First of all, I think I need to take a trip to Ohio to figure out how Janine gets those great TS finds -- and EVERY DAY!!! If I find 2 or 3 things a month, I consider myself lucky, and here she is finding everything I'm looking for (unsuccessfully, I might add!) And she takes the time to redo them to prim perfection!!
Rondell has converted me back to BLUE -- and she is so right. It adds some variety to the black themes.
And then there is Lisa who also finds such great stuff, and does such a great redo on everything. Amazingly creative. Check out her new kitchen-doings! Fantastic!

And Char -- well, what can you say -- she is more than a crafter, she is a master carpenter!!! And explains it all so well.
And, then there is Grammy Linda, who has a home to die for! So perfectly put together, and so perfectly photographed!!! Oh my..... !! LOL!! (yes, Grammy, I checked the bottom of the spindle chair and you are right -- it is from Gardner!!! And I love it!)
And...and...and... well, ALL of you are such an inspiration, so let me thank you all for making my nightly trip to blogland so much fun and energizing! Sometimes after a rough day at work (which is like every day now) it is so relaxing to just see what you are all doing with your decorating, redos, and gardens. It shuts down the stress from work, and turns on the creativity so thank you!
Let me show you a few little things I did this weekend. I must admit that the fabulous weather has prevented me from finishing projects, but I managed to get a few little things done on Sunday.
I have been going on and on about the spindle chair -- if I had to pick a TS favorite, this would be it. I just love it.
And somewhere (a blog? APP? can't keep track...) I saw a great idea for an old cheese grater. I was so happy with this idea, because it takes the glare down to a nice soft glow. This candle is always on in my living room, so I loved how it toned it down as the light peeks through the holes.

And, I cleaned up my "pantry shelf."
And, of course. I simply must give Gina her kittie-fix. And take a look at where he is napping as I write this post!! That blob happens to be my left leg! What a love bug!

Finally, imitation is the greatest form of thank you all for providing me with so many ideas to imitate! Until next time, enjoy the great weather (here on the east coast, we're back to heat and humidity tomorrow. BOO HOO!)


  1. Terry,
    How right you are about all those wonderful blogs that inspire all of us!! Love your chair...that was a great TS find!! I'm going to a TS tomorrow that is in an old roller skating rink...I so hope I find lots of goodies as this place is huge!
    Your kitty looks so cute helping you blog!!
    Have a great rest of the week.

  2. I agree with you about all the wonderful blogs/gals, you mentioned! I have to say tho, you find some pretty awesome treasures yourself there girl! :) ...and ya redo them just right!
    Love all your prim pretties and your big spoiled boy! ;)

    Have a wonderful day, Terry.


  3. Good morning Terry,
    It's fun looking for the old blue stuff or finding something and redoing it in old blue:)Thanks for commenting about me and yes imitation is the best form of flattery") Love that chair BTW!

  4. Practice practice practice.... that is what I have done alot of lately. Thank you so much for your kind comments. It has been fun re-doing my kitchen. Alot of work, but well worth it. As goes for TS finds... I haven't found much of anything lately (bummer). I have been looking, but nothing to really catch my interest and pull me in. I say we both go shopping with Janene and see what she does in order to find these goodies (lol). As goes for your chair... I love it!!


  5. Please come to Ohio and GW with me....we would have so much fun!!!
    But I have ONE rule...You can't touch the stuff I want! LOL LOL
    I love to visit all those blogs much inspiration out there!
    And you forgot to mention one other blog...YOURS! I always look forward to seeing what you are up to and what you have done to your apartment.
    By the way...Love the chair and love the new blog header!
    Have yourself a great day!

  6. Hey Terry thanks for my dose of that big beautiful fur baby of yours...even though they are far and few between lately..;) I love your grater light..I have 3 of them and one is round..really old..don't use em much any more..but I still love em...have a wonderful rest of your week and try to stay cool...:)


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