Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yard Sale Goodies

It's no secret that summer is just not my favorite season~~ aside from the fact that heat and I are not best friends, I have the worst summer allergies! Itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezes galore -- blech! So, all summer I haven't had any allergy problems and didn't I get cocky?? Yesterday, BAM!! My eyes itched so bad they were swollen from me scratching, I went thru a box of Kleenex blowing and blowing -- all because I was out in the country at a huge yard sale! It was so beautiful here -- clear sunny skies, not toooo hot, no humidity -- boy, I so didn't expect to get slammed. Was it worth it? Yes! I got some great stuff -- the whole thing for under $20.
The best find (and the smallest) has to be these 2 'yelloware' bowls for 50 cents a piece. I wish there had been more!
And I found a small jug for a few dollars -- and lickety split, it is a lamp. I keep lamp adapters in a stash here, just in case I get lucky.
I moved some of my jug lamps around to bring the larger one into my bedroom, and the smaller one in my living room where the big one had been. There was a larger one at the yard sale also, but it was priced pre-recession, so I had to leave that one and get the smaller one, but, that's ok-- it works. BTW, for those looking for lamp adapters, you can find them at Lowes in the electrical dept. Email me for more info -- I've become quite the expert with wiring these make-do lamps.

I found a great double-slit box which I repainted in blue, and now it stores my favorite rainy-day reading material.

Speaking of reading material, FINALLY I found 2 of these classics.... how long have I been looking for these out-of-print Time-Life Country Home series? I was doing the happy dance after I grabbed these up!!

When I got home, there was a RAOK sitting at my front door from my girlfriend in Colorado. She is just too cute and I so appreciated it. Thanks, Deb!

My other girlfriend is flying off to London with her DH and kids as we speak -- how fabulous!

And for the Big Hairy FurBall fan club -- look at my sweetie taking a real nap -- he didn't even move when I snapped the camera. And when he woke up ... right to the kitchen. LOL.

These 2 cuties below aren't mine, but I fell in love with this picture and just had to share. Look at the face on the little one! Pure love!

Well, I'm off to help my mom today -- I promised to mow her lawn ( I need the exercise) but I bet the allergies will really drive me crazy today. Have a great day and a great week!


  1. I am so sorry you were slammed with allergies - mine are acting up too.

    Okay, now you sent me the link to the wiring info but there was nothing at all there about how they sit in the jug - please show me more!! LOL I still need to find the ready made ones for those gals who just won't do the work of wiring them. Then we can both post the link and everyone can have the option.
    You have some wonderful new goodies! Aren't the books great!

    It is dryer and cooler here today - I hope we get more of this - right into September right?

    Enjoy your Sunday!!

    hugs, Linda

  2. Hey Terry, sorry about the allergys but glad you got some great things for your troubles..your baby is just as squeezably irrisistable as usual..have a great rest of your weekend and I hope you get to feeling better soon..;)

  3. I don't think I have ever had real bad allergies, but lately something doesn't seem to be right. I have been sneezing and my nose is running so perhaps I have a little touch of something or maybe allergies and I just don't know it. Your finds are great and those yellowware bowls are very nice. My favorite light has to be the one with the checked, it looks great!!

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Terry,
    Sorry to hear about the allergies...I've been having some also. Here in Ohio, it is still feeling more like Fall then Summer. Strange!!...but I like it better as Fall is my favorite time of the year.
    Don't you just love that Time-Life Country Home series...I got mine back when they first came out and I still love looking at them.
    Take care.

  5. Sorry about your allergies; love your finds. I have those Time-Life books & they are the best! I think they will always stay in my library! Lots of fabulous ideas.


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