Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I made a bowl rack!

Lookie at what I did!! Remember this shelf? I picked it up about a year ago at a flea, then had it in the bathroom, then moved it to the bedroom, then the kitchen. It's been in just about every room! Then.... during the usual weekend monsoon (wow, this one had a tornado warning with it! and 3 inches of rain that shut down major highways!) I was clicking through my favorite sites, and a light bulb went on. I took this shelf...added two pieces of wood I picked up at the craft shop... painted them.... and.... and....

LOOKIE! A bowl rack!! I am really proud of this one, and so glad to see the heat hasn't totally fried my brain. I was feeling oh-so uncreative in this ridiculous heat and humidity.... and then this idea popped into my head-- and it worked. Goes to show ya... TS goodies can be made over... and made over... and made over! I'll show you the entire dining room after I clean it up!
And the great box I got last week... is now in my bedroom. (also needs a good cleaning)
And... I painted this box that was black and getting lost on my tall bookshelf. I like this mish-mash color. The best thing -- no cost at all! Couldn't get to the TS because of the weather, but as it turns out, I had everything here all along.

Hey everyone who lives in SE Penna! AUNT DAISY'S (http://www.auntdaisys.com/index.cfm)

is having their Fall event on Sept 10th-12th!!! Ewwww, I can't wait!!! This shop is just fabulous and it is a special treat to just walk through it. (Hey Grammy Linda!!! Take note!!!) And it's right down the street (sort of) from Judy Doyle's Cinnamon Stick!! Yippee!!! A double dose!

Well, by dear blogbuds, I'm off to run some errands (before it...rains.) Hope you are staying cool!


  1. Terry you did a great job on the bowl rack, looks like it was meant to be!!! I love it, hmmm got me thinking now girl!!

  2. Your bowl rack looks great!! You are so clever. Way to go girl.

  3. What a great idea!
    I may have to steal this idea from you.Don't you love free makeovers? It sure makes my life brighter!
    Have a great week...stay cool and dry!

  4. What a great idea, looks great:)

  5. Terry,
    What a great makeover!! If you wouldn't of told us that you redid the shelf...I would of thought that you purchased it that way. It just looks like it was meant to be a bowl rack!!...and I love how your bowls look in it!!


  6. I agree with Cindy. I wouldn't have guessed it had ever been anything else. Great job!


  7. That's sucha cleaver idea, Terry! It turned out great!! Love it!!!

    Some summer-huh?!

    Have a great rest of your week.

    hugs, Kath

  8. great job!! i love seeing new ideas........

  9. You did a fantastic job on that shelf!!!!

  10. I love how you changed it to a bowl rack...it looks awesome...but NO pictures of your cute little furry one..;)

  11. Wow it turned out wonderful! You are so talented... I would have never come up with that idea!

  12. Terry, that bowl rack looks amazing! ...and how are you girl? I haven't stopped in for sooo long! And now that I did I'm so jealous of the sales you're going to be hitting soon. Buy a little happy for me too, ok?
    Hugs, Kimberly

  13. Great job on the Make-do Bowl rack! Genius!

  14. Hey friend! I came by to see hy you hadn't psoted and realized I missed this one. OH I wish I could get to Aunt Daisy's then! Darn!

    Jill is moving to SC so our PA trip if off now. Double Darn!

    Your bowl rack is great - you were very clever to see that end result. I don't think I would have.

    I hope you are surviving the heat and humidity this week. UGH!!

    cool hugs coming your way! Linda


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