Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The sun has returned to the east coast!! Yea!

What a week, blogbuds! I'm still reeling over the Farrah/Michael Jackson/Fred Travelina/Ed McMahon/Gale Storm/Billy Mays news -- gosh, all in one week. I guess I'm dating myself, but I do have memories of coming home from elementary school m-a-n-y- years ago, and watching Gale Storm in My Little Margie. I just can't describe the overwhelming feelings with all these tragic passings this week. I was at a business meeting at the Phila airport on Thursday nite, but there was no buzz about the news in the airport -- but, when I left and got into my car and heard the news, I damn near went up on the pavement! Hearing about both Farrah and Michael Jackson at one time was bad, but then there seemed to be one more every day. Very sad to lose all of these pop culture icons all at one time.
But there has been good news in blogland as well, as the cycle of life continues with Linda becoming a grammy at http://behindmyreddoor.blogspot.com/and Lisa's great pics of adorable boys(big and little) at http://primsfromabove.blogspot.com/at ... well , that's the balance we all need to hear and see when the news is so gruesome. So while my post today feels a little trite, I'm thinking that it's time to lighten up a little and think of good prim things!
So, look at this adorable little drawer thingie I picked up last week. I'm keeping it blue (Rondell, you do have influence on me, see?? LOL) I love how it mixes with the setting on the mantle.

Here's a closer pic of it. Just love it!

I really love this tone of blue, and can't imagine why anyone would want to get rid of it!!

Other than this great little find, I haven't had much opportunity to do much around here. Finally, the rain stopped after one month of dreary days. Today the sun is out and the temp is hot, and even I'm not complaining of the heat. Just to see SUN is great. I am off today since I had my post-50 screening colonoscopy early this AM. OMG. In case any of you are gearing up for one -- procedure is a breeze. The prep is torture. 'Nuff said about THAT!! Anyway, I"m thinking that I'll go to the pool today and just chill out from the stress, both personal and news-wise. Yes, Virginia, the sun does shine in Philadelphia!!

And, of course, the BFC (Big Fat Cat) is loving getting back to the window for some sunbathing and fantasy squirrel/bird/bug-chasing. (The squirrels/birds/bugs are real, the chasing isn't ---This boy stays inside!)

Awwww, can't I go out, Ma??? (NO!)
I saw a great post somewhere (don't ask me where -- can't remember whose blog) asking "What Are You Reading? Well, you all know how much I just love my books. This summer, I'm reading all about Lyndon Johnson -- several books. A special treat is a book by Michael Beschloss that I actually downloaded onto my MP3 player, since it is the Johnson tapes from '64-65. Hearing them as they actually happened is so much better than reading about them or reading the transcript. Fabulous. I'm a real JFK fan (the entire family, really) but I think I've read them all -- can't find a new book on JFK or the family. In most cases, tho, I just love to curl up with a 'real' book -- paper, cover, you know -- non-high tech! The old-fashioned way of reading a good book.
What are YOU reading these days?

Hope to pop back for a quick post before the 4th, but just in case I don't -- I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! Enjoy the fireworks!!!

Here's some good news for us Fall/Winter lovers: in just a few weeks, we'll be receiving our FALL edition of Country Sampler!!! Yipeeee! Almost time to bring out the pumpkins!!!


  1. Well Terry it is certainly good to hear from you again...I love those kitty photos..he is a cutie..give him a love from me...:) have a wonderful week ahead..:)

  2. First of all, thank you so much for the sweet mention. That was so kind of you. Liliana is the best!!

    No sun here. It is still gray and humid and soupy and gross! Is it fall yet??!!

    My first colonscopy was abreeze. The one I had last year was painful! Won't got to tha Dr again. The nurse said I needed more med and he kept saying " I am almost done". He almost got kicked in the face and I don't believe in violence! LOL

    I am reading the Friday night Knitting Club - nice easy chick flick - I mean book! hehehe.

    My next door neighbor growing up, Debbie, was Kenny O'Donnell's niece. We heard so many first hand stories from the family because of that. I have ben fascinated by him too.

    YAY for the fall CS. It cannot come soon enough. We will have to meet up at Aunt Daisy's. My friend Pat that took me there just became a grandmother the other day too!

    Stay cool! hugs, Linda

  3. Hi Terry,
    We are having fall like weather here in Ohio...our high today is going to be 69 degrees. Makes me happy as fall is my favorite time of the year.
    I love to read also, but have not had time lately...been doing alot of crafting.
    Have a wonderful 4th of July.
    hugs, Cindy

  4. Hi Terry,
    Just poppin over to wish you a Happy 4th!! :)
    I can't believe it's the 4th of July already-I missed all of June somehow! LOL!
    ...and with this weather..it feels like i missed all of summer it feels like Sept. here!!!

    Happy 4th of July ;)



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