Monday, October 12, 2009

A tweaky weekend

Hi Blogbuds,
We are having a deliciously cool day here in the big city – someone has their fireplace on and it smells delicious! The leaves are falling, yum. I hope it is delicious Fall weather where you are. I saw that some of you had SNOW already!!! OMG! That is so bizarre! It looked like winter out there in Nebraska! And of course our Phillies are freezing out there in Denver where it's cold and icy.

I’m off for a business trip for a few days, but wanted to share a few tweaks from the weekend. Will have lots more to share when I get back on Wed nite! I have a busy week in front of me, but there is always time to read your blogs. You all have such prim-beautiful homes – just drooling all over the place!

And speaking of drool, I was floored when I saw what Grammy and Mr. Red Door did! What a fabulous table! And doesn’t it look fabulous in her DR??

The only thing I really did this weekend was to remove the slipcover from my sofa (how boring!!) Thought the reds and beiges would warm up the room now that we seem to be in cooler weather for real now. And it matches my aunt’s chair, which BTW, my huge Furball has adopted as his own. He loves it, as you can see. Sleeps like a log all curled up on it. And tweaked a few things…

Hope you all have a great week – will post more when I get back from my conference.

I fpund this shelf thingie in the back of my closet, gathering dust. So I primmed it up, and I'm using it as a small end table near the sofa. I just need to find all those wooden drawer pulls I picked up at the TS -- of course I put them away so good that now I can't find them!!

Have a great week, all!


  1. Oh I love the color of your couch..I really love plaids and it certainly warms up your room oh so nicely..Love the furball..oh he is a your decor..just finished decorating for Halloween...will be posting photos tomorrow when I draw for my giveaway.:)

  2. HI Terry!! The snow has melted in my part of Nebraska, not sure about out west though. And we have a slow warm-up on the way...yay!!! I really like the colors in your couch also!! And your cat gets me everytime you post pictures of him!!!

  3. Hi Terry,
    You are fortunate to be able to change out the 'feel' of your sofa/room with the removal of the slipcover and oh the big cute! I love how they 'take over' things. Ours do I know so it's nice to see that someone elses does.
    Travel safe.

  4. Hi Terry! Thanks so much for the sweet mention! You are too kind. We are using the table tonight for the first time to entertain the in-laws while they are in town.

    I love the red plaid - of course I love red in all rooms! The red just pops and warms it up perfectly for this time of year.

    I hope your business trip went well and you arrive home safe and sound!!

    hugs, Linda

  5. Hi Terry,
    I love how you used the shelf thingy for an end table...looks great! Of course your cat always cracks me up, he sure is a cutie!
    Have a safe trip:)

  6. I love your bowl of orange and citrus! I need to find out how to make them! I'm sure they make your home smell wonderful!

  7. Very nice pics. I love your firkin.


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