Friday, October 23, 2009

Goodies in the Mail!

SANY2479 Isn’t it wonderful to  come home to a package outside the front door? I not only had one – I had TWO! (ok, so one was my Ulta makeup.) But the other?? My wonderful goodies that I won from Dale at A Country Shop!!! I have to show them off, because she sent me such nice Autumn things!


This is the collection of goodies—all of it Fall-themed. Wonderful stack boxes, great smelling candles, and…


This perfect  candle mat!! Don't you just love these colors?? and the pumpkins??

 SANY2483 The little tin has the most delicious smelling candle inside. I’ll burn it on Sunday when I have some friends over. They will love it!

Thank you again, Dale! I love everything!!


So, here we are at the end of another week. We’re having a cool, rainy, windy night; tomorrow more rain but 70 degrees (boo hiss)—the leaves are just about at their peak of color now, and it is beautiful. My ride home from the office is from a somewhat rural/suburban/big old houses neighborhood, and I just love how it all looks now. And when the nights get cold, I have a four-legged blanket keeping my tootsies warm! What a face,huh?



Craft shows start next week, but I just don’t know if I want to stuff into a cramped school gym during H1N1 threats, with people coughing and snarfing all over me. I must sound so neurotic! But, I call it cautious. LOL!  So, I may just pass this year. Because of shortages of both vaccines, I probably won’t even get the seasonal shot until late November!  My doc hasn’t even gotten her stash yet. And H1N1 vaccine – by the time the vaccine is ready, the season will be over!


Some of you may remember my BFF Stacy who goes to Aunt Daisy’s with me. She finally got her own laptop yesterday, so with her  being totally ignorant of anything technical, I was a buddy and went over to her house last night to set her up. She’s trying to learn Facebook, so here we were-- dumb and dumber last nite! I can’t quite get down Facebook, either – so if you see dumb posts on my Facebook page, it’s cuz I’m trying to teach her how to find her friends. LOL.

Have a great Fall weekend, everyone! Hope you have great Fall weather.


  1. I don't blame you for skipping the craft shows...I think a lot of people will be doing the same...I feel sorry for the crafters though!
    I wondered who you were talking to on Facebook!
    What a great friend you are to help your illiterate computer friend with her Facebook...what a wonderful girl you are =)
    Have a wonderful Fall weekend!

  2. love the goodies you got in the mail..they will look great in your that cute little furball..and I hope for my sake that the buyers are out as I have 2 shows I am working hard on...:)have a great weekend.:)

  3. I love your goodies that you got. I am with Gina also, I hope that the buyers are out. I have 2 craft shows coming up also.


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