Saturday, October 31, 2009

BOO! It’s Halloween!

Ij0309572 Will you be dressing up today? Can’t figure out what costume is just right to trick or treat?

rugby-lumberjack-2000-cropped-web Well, you could be a lumberjack…..

or… you could dress up as a nurse gal_dog-costumes_7

imagesn Could be devilishly-witchy…. (like the Phillies will be against the Yankees tonite)

Hope your Halloween brings all treats and no tricks!!


Have fun and stay safe!

(these are all from the ‘net, of course. My fur ball is entirely to dignified to dress up!! LOL)


  1. LOL--do they even make a "I'm the KING of this Prim Castle" costume for kitties?? ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend, Terry!

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Have a great Halloween!
    I agree with Kath...but I will search for one for him!

  3. My cat would never put up with that. lol So cute. Happy Halloween!

  4. happy halloween Terry, may you and your cute furbaby be happy and cozy tonight..:)


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