Friday, November 13, 2009

What a week!!!

j0295156 There is another side of the flu epidemic – flu clinics!! Here is southeast PA, the vaccine has arrived and the agency where I work has been contracted to supply the nurses – like, 200 RNs!! As the manager, I have spent the entire week driving all over two huge counties checking in at every site. Very organized, but thousands of kids coming thru each school site in a  just a few hours. Very organized, very orderly, very crazy!! I was at 5 different sites just today, driving over 100 miles in the nor’easter – yesterday was the same. I haven’t been able to keep my eyes open after 9p this week – and my legs – OH MY!! Sore!!  (ok, so I am an old lady!!)But, the good news is that I was able to get my seasonal flu shot on Monday, and my H1N1 shot on Wednesday – what a relief. I’m lucky that as an RN, I was able to get my H1N1 vaccine – the counties may not be be able to do the adult general population until mid December. So, that’s why I haven’t even been able to check out all of your blogs this week – just exhausted! Even my laundry basket full of folded clean clothes has been sitting in my living room for 4 days. Maybe now I’ll be able to get things back in order, because next week… I start it all over again!!!

I wanted to show you some of the things I got when I went up to Emmaus last weekend. I mentioned some firkins…..


How much do I love this firkin??? What a bargain at $10.  Already primmed in mustard. And how about this one….



and after….


And, let’s see… what else… check these out holders for $10 a piece. Can you believe it??


The textiles were an Aunt Daisy purchase, but the 2 small holders (already primmed!) were at the antique mall  down the street from Aunt Daisy’s that was telling you about. The seller is moving to Virginia, so everything in her booth was 50% off. Great timing on my part, eh? Will show you them again once I get my decorating started…. and I’m thinking about what to do with the textiles.


This is what the old furrball does while I’m working my butt off… what a life. LOL.

Good luck to everyone doing craft shows this weekend… we’re having some awful weather here with wind and rain, but there is a flea market down the street tomorrow morning that I just may have to visit!

Hope  you’all have a great weekend. I just want to get some rest!


  1. Terry~
    I am glad you were able to get your shot!
    What a great deal on all of your finds!
    Don't you just love finding items that are already primmed...all you have to do is put them in their places!!!
    Have a great weekend...and AFTER you hit the flea market, then you may rest =)

  2. I know you have a tough job, and so thankless sometime.

    Your bargains are great. I just love the shelves. I found a lot of nice bargains last wknd myself, check mine out when you have some free time. Take care and stay healthy!

  3. Terry, I'm glad you were able to have your shot and how wonderful that the schools were so made your job a lot easier - but I can see why you are exhausted.
    Take this weekend and kick back!

    Great bargains.


  4. love your firkins you did..wish I could come across some here..and thanks for the fuzzy furry loveable photo..have a wonderful weekend.:)

  5. Oh yeah, I love your furkins too and the rest of your goodies!
    Glad you got your flu shots...what a busy week!
    hope ya can relax a bit this weekend...maybe join Mr. Furball for a lil nap :)

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Good to hear from you Terry! I am so glad you got your vaccines. I am anxious to get mine since I care for Lili so much.

    Great finds!! Great firkins and the textiles from Aunt Daisy's are the best.

    Have a restful weekend before it starts again!!

  7. Terry, I thought you were going to tell us that a certain four legged beast was sleeping on the clean laundry in the laundry basket! A certain child of mine - the orange one, in case you were wondering- only likes clean laundry to nap on! ~Ann

  8. Hi Terry!....Thank you for visiting my blog and for the kind words. Sounds like you definately deserve to treat yourself. I have heard about Aunt Daisy's and would LOVE to get up there sometime. Love seeing pics of the furball!


  9. Love, love, love your furkins!! I have a few small size ones, but am always looking for good deals so that I can have more of them.
    So glad you got your flu shot. My hubby works for a health department and has been very busy with flu clinics also.

  10. Happy for you that you got your shots. Sorry that your tired. Love those firkins & the other wonderful pieces that you picked up!


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