Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 22—then and now

Then: Most of us over a certain age can answer the question, “ where were you 46 years ago today?” The day that changed America. Those of you who are younger, who were born after Nov 22, 1963, may not even realize the America you were born into because of the events of that day.


I was a fifth grader, sitting in class that day. The teacher was called out of class, and came back with a grey pallor to her face. We could see she had been crying, but at that age, we couldn’t quite imagine what horrible thing had happened. All she said was that the president had been shot, and to gather your things and go directly home. I looked at the clock and it was 1:15 EST. When I got home, my mom had our little black and white TV on, and she was sitting on the sofa crying. Except for meals and sleep, my family sat in front of the TV for the next 4 days, from death to burial, as it was called. (My brother’s senior prom was cancelled that night, and five years later, his graduation from college was cancelled because of the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. Those moments of our generation….) How could this happen? In America?

I think my love of history was born that weekend, and I’ve been stuck on that weekend in November ever since. I read every book, watched every documentary, video, and news broadcast (all available today both on the web and for purchase). Like when you rub your tongue over a sore tooth, each time I watch it I feel that same way – that sadness, that ‘what if’ feeling…. those gut wrenching black and white images….the end of American innocence.

This is what we lost.


Idealism. Class. Intelligence. Youth.

What would America look like today had JFK not gone to Dallas? Would we have had  the Viet Nam experience? Would we be so cynical, so divided, so angry?  Would “the sixties” have happened as they did? Would we have had Nixon, Watergate?  We’ll never know.


Now: Well, I’m on vacation this week, and man, I need it. I had another week of driving all over the place for the flu vaccine clinics. I felt like I was living in my car, and my car looked like I was, too. Today, I finally cleaned it out, good it washed in and out, and it started to look like my little Civic again. Not going anywhere – just want to tinker in the house, (doing Thanksgiving here) and get a start on some modified Christmas shopping.

My girlfriend and I did craft shows and thrifts today – and she went CRAZY!!! She bought, and bought, and then bought some more!  I loved watching her have such a good time – she has had a rough year. I bought one thing – a fabulous chair in the thrift. I love this!! At the craft show, I was very careful not to buy what I could make myself, or what I didn’t  really get hid over the head with.  Anyway, I picked up this dining room chair for $20. Once I clean my DR, I’ll show you how it looks!


Hope you’re having a great weekend! As always, thanks for stopping over to see me! I hope to be back before Thanksgiving, but just in case I don’t – I hope you and yours have a most wonderful holiday.



  1. I was in 7th grade English class and it was announced over the loud speaker and we were let out early and watched the tv. I would like to think had he lived Veitnam wouldn't have happened.

    Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your vacation!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! I have not even looked at the calendar today or I would have remembered. I think I told you the story of my neighbors uncle was Kenny O'Donnell - JFK's aide so of course we knew immediately what happened and we got excused from school right away. I have often wondered myself what things would be like.

    I truly hope we can meet someday too. I am determined to get to Aunt Daisy's again someday so that would be a great meeting place!!

    ENJOY your vacation! It is well deserved!! And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

  3. oh,my gosh! i didn't realize what today was either.i was in the 4 th grade and we were in our reading group when the principal came around and told the teachers.we alos got to go home early. that was such a sad sad day. this is the 1st time i've visited your blog and i have enjoyed reading it.i'm off this week also.enjoy your vacation and happy thanksgiving to you & yours.

  4. That was such a tragic day...a day that changed the world FOREVER!
    I like your chair...Hope to see your dining room soon.
    Have a great Thanksgiving, and a restful vacation!

  5. I was 6 months the I don't remember any of it then..but it seemed like it went of for years and I do remember seeing stuff on t.v...have a wonderful thanksgiving..:)

  6. Hi Terry!....Thank you for commenting on my blog quest for advice, I appreciate it!

    Enjoy your vacation and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! sure to give that furball some turkey!


  7. Hi Terry,
    Wanted to stop by and wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Hope you have a beautiful day♥


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