Monday, November 30, 2009

Gettin in the Spirit….

I hope every one had a lovely Thanksgiving – mine was wonderful as in addition to the holiday, we celebrated my mom’s 97th birthday! She spent the day with me and we hung out, had some good laughs, loved her presents, and she took home lots of leftovers!  She’s not the biggest fan of turkey, but since I do Thanksgiving as a 30+ year tradition, we’re superstitious and I do the same thing every year. LOL! I love turkey, so later, I’ll dig in to another turkey dinner. YUM!

So, as I mentioned in my title, I’m trying to get into the spirit. I took it easy on Saturday, but I pulled out some of my decorations… I seem to have lost the box with the good stuff! I decided that it was too warm  to feel Christmas-y, so I  thought I’d give my imagination a nudge by thinking about my favorite things about this time of year…


I just love when the Christmas lights go up – I drive around at night and just take them all in… this is a home outside of Philly. Pretty, huh?



The Big City is so pretty during the holidays, especially at twilight.



Some years, I run up to New York just to see Manhattan at Christmas. Not sure I’ll have the time this year, tho.


It’s not Christmas without at least one reading on A Christmas Carol, and about 10 viewings of the movie versions! LOL.

Anyway, I thought about what I wanted to do with the apartment this year, and I decided to do the ‘less is more’ concept this year. For one thing, a small space like mine can look too cramped with too much decoration.  And. with me not home during the day, the cat can get into things that aren’t good for him!! So, I decided to do a little greenery, some lights in baskets and such…but keeping it simple. These pics didn’t come out good at all (cheap camera!!),but I’ll keep trying!


 remember the thrift shop chairs I got at such a great price? They are in my dining room now…


…with a few little goodies on the table.


A wooden bowl filled with greenery and white lights.


Some fresh greens here and there…


And a basket full of greens and colored lights – my favorite! (They look white here…)



And some simple pretties for the mantle.

Well, I’d better get off to work now… hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. My husband and I visited Philadelphia in July and we loved it! I can only imagine how wonderful it is this time of year....especially Elfreth's Alley.

  2. Happy Birthday to your mom! It sounds like you had a nice time together!

  3. 97! WOW! how wonderful! Happy Birthday to your Mom!!

    I agree that this weekend was too warm to feel Christmasy....I looked at the extended forecast and I think you'll like NEXT weekend....highs in the 40's lows in the 20's OH YEAH!!


  4. and no photos of your furry..;( love all the photos you shared...I am keepin my home simple this year too..(well at least that is what I am saying.:)

  5. Thank You for dropping by over on my blog and leaving kind words. I am very proud of my daughter and if you would have seen her when she first started you would agree with me that she has come a long way. She is one who loves acting and singing.

    I would trade for one winter of warm weather. But mind you, can't really complain because normally this time of the year we have already had a few snow storms. But come Jan and Feb I am sure we will get more then our fair share along with the -30 temps. That is when I really want to be where it's warm. But I guess we can't have it all.

    Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and I will be back :)


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