Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sweat City!!

Ohhh, Lawdy!! Save me from this miserable heat! The humidity has given me a week-long bad hair day, and the heat....over 90. My usual complaining about the weather! September is right around the corner (yipeeeeee!) so I'm hangin in there, but I just haven't been in the mood to do much. By the time I get home from work, I'm one big sweaty miserable mess, so I thought I'd share some pics from a book I picked up at a flea. Even my favorite TS is closed for vacation. Actually, that's ok, since $$ is tight this month, but this book is drool material! Lookie, lookie!

Some wonderful things in this little old gem of a book!

I love these jugs -- we all collect them....
And, I could just move into this perfect little house tomorrow!
And... I love these rugs. I have one that's not as nice as this one, but my big furrball loves it! Great for a nice stretch -- (those claws, you know....)
In fact, he loves all of my rag rugs, big or small. They are almost as good as sleeping on my legs so the blood stops circulating -- but at least he doesn't use my legs for a good stretch!
And how is this for a room??? So cozy and comfortable. Ahhh, maybe these drool-worthy pics will get me back in the mood to tweak -- so maybe I'll have redos to show you next time! Until then, be careful in the heat, and stay cool!


  1. What a cutie...he looks so comfortable on your rugs, love your rug btw!

    This has been the craziest summer hasn't it? I hate the humidity, the older I get the more I can't be out in it:0

    Have a great evening and I loved that book I've never seen it before.

  2. Hi Terry! A little warm are we? Here we're back in the rain and grey... had a major heat wave a week or so ago so this feels really good! But I miss the heat already.

    Awesome pics... that log cabin quilt is to DIE FOR!

    Have a great rest of the week, Kimberly

  3. as always I love seeing photos of that cute little furball of yours..he is the cats to mine of course..:) have a great rest of your week..:)

  4. That is a great book! Love that bowl rack you did earlier! Beth

  5. Hi Terry!....I hear ya on the subject of heat, I am so ready for the change in seasons!....hang in there, it won't be long now! Janet

  6. Hi Terry,
    I have that same book...I got mine years ago when it was first published. It is a great book!! You are so right...a lot to drool over!!
    Your kitty is so cute!...our DD has a little female kitty that looks just like yours. Too adorable!
    hugs, Cindy

  7. Awh, I wish I could give ya some of my cooler weather, although then ya would have to deal with all this rain...and rain is the same as humidity when it comes to "bad hair"! ;)
    Love your spoiled lil fella!! Whata Life he's got!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Hi Terry! Thanks for being one of my Followers! I have this book and absolutely love it!!!!!! I am soon making a post about a few other books that are truely 'eye-candy'! Love your blog and the photo on your banner - I am assuming that is in or near Philly.



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