Monday, August 17, 2009

News and Views

Well, blogbuds, all kinds of things happening here in the big city. I'm no football fan, but the Eagles are now officially at the top of my s*** list and will stay there. I almost fell off the chair when I heard that the master of dog torturing, Michael Vick, was signed to play football here. As any animal lover knows, those that torture innocent animals don;t get over this pathological sickness after a few years in jail, and it's a disgrace that the business of football supersedes any moral decisions about who plays it.
So, I"m on a soapbox with this one, and I'm just so embarrassed for my city.
The other thing goin' on is that we are now officially in a heat wave, expecting a full week of mid-90's plus. When the heat and humidity and ozone get trapped in all this cement of a big city, it becomes dangerous, so I hope I can stay in as much as possible. My poor little 96 year old mommy feels like she's under house arrest, but she's gotta stay in the house where it's cool. I do have to get out to make sure she has everything she needs, and of course, go to work, but other than that, I'm in for the duration... except for one thing...
Looks like I need another breast biopsy -- funny little thing showed up in the MRI that needs to be removed -- my doc doesn't think it's worrisome, but the recommendation is a tissue biopsy, so I hope to get that done this week. It's at the same place as the original site, and called a 'complex cyst' -- a little fluid, a little hard stuff. Could be just radiation damage from 7 years ago, but won't know until it's biopsied, so I've been a little worried these past few weeks during all of the ultrasounds, and MRI, etc. So, I'm saying my prayers.
I did do some redos over the weekend -- went out to get my nails done and stopped at the TS. Not much there, but these one crock for 75 cents and this brown bottle for 25 cents. I thought a tea candle in the brown bottle would look nice.
I also got these plates to try my hand at the make-your-own-redware, that has been popping up on a few of your blogs -- not sure who was the genius is who started it, but what a GREAT idea!!! So these plates started like this:

and ended up like this!!! Next time I'll do better with the freehand yellow markings, but what a great idea!!!!

The crock and the brown jar.

I'm still in my blue-phase, so i redid my 3-drawer thingie -- I love how these things look with brown or red underneath.
So that's my news. Wish I had more, but gotta get to work! Hope everyone had a good weekend and stayed cool and healthy. Till next time....have a good week!


  1. I agree with you on the Eagles. There are enough young talented kids out there that would stay out of trouble and love a shot at his job. Good luck on your biopsy--you are in my prayers. I think you are getting our last week's Ohio weather now. You can have it. It was no fun here either. Hope it passes you quickly. Great job on the plates. Take care.

  2. I had a scare like that last year, turned out to be folded tissue...I refused to worry about it until the second mamogram and another test they did but I sure know how you feel. I'll say a prayer.

    It's hot here too the humidity is terrible, I've been inside all day.

    Love the blue drawer thingie looks really nice and of course I love the blue!

  3. wow I can't believe that A@@hole is getting to play football again..I seriously thought he was banned for he should be..won't be supporting him or his team..and I hope they get rid of him..stay cool and outta trouble..give your furry boy a love for me.:)

  4. Hi Terry,
    I had a scare once after a breast exam, but mine turned out to be a calcium deposit. I so hope that you can have your biopsy this week to help ease your stress. You are in my thoughts and prayers...and thanks for your prayers for me and my DH.
    Love your plate redos!!...and your 3 drawer box!!
    hugs, Cindy

  5. Hi Terry, You are in my thoughts and prayers until you get the all clear from your biopsy. I know it isn't wondering and waiting!!

    As for the heat - I'll take cool and rainy or even SNOW any day! LOL

    And as for the dog torturer - it's sad what it teaches our kids - if you play sports good enough, you are above the law - ours and God's. SO SAD!and maddening!

    Stay cool my friend! hugs, Linda

  6. Believing for a good report with you on your biopsy. Your redoes look great!


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