Wednesday, June 10, 2009

creative funk!

This is just how I feel in the summer. My motivation downshifts into low gear, my creativity is put off until "later" (as in AUTUMN) and I am just all blah! We have had a mixed bag of weather here -- lots of heat, lots of humidity, and lots of RAIN. The combo just does me in. So, my dear blogbuds, I haven't had much to share lately because of my blah-ness! Those blogbuds who feel the same way about the heat understand, right???

I have a few things I did last week when the weather was cooler. I have been avoiding the yard sales (so unlike me!) because I don't want to be tempted to buy things I simply don't need. You may remember that I am on a lesser salary now, so I am being careful. Still buying, but more careful what I buy. I did get up to Bryn Athyn last week and got these wooden canisters that I am trying to make into firkin's (trying being the operative word!) No handles, but getting there...

Also got these wooden bowls -- can never have too many of them and still deciding what to do with them. May paint just one.

And I did redo those picture frames...

And I did repaint the stove board but still need to age it a bit....

Awww, even the cat is laying around waiting for AUTUMN. (soon???just 3 more months.....ARGGGHHH!!!)

So, I must shower and get off to work. Your blogs are just chock full of great ideas and great redos! Love them! See you soon when I get some energy back!


  1. I really don't like the hot weather either. Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons. We've been getting alot of rain here which is good for the plants but not good for my mood. I really need the sunshine! I have been redoing my primitive bedroom. Just have the floor left to do. Another project done!!

  2. Over here in western PA we haven't had any rain in quite a while and we really could use some! It clouds up like it's going to rain but then it doesn't. Today is a little humid but not bad. Missed hearing from you on your blog but I know what you mean about being "blah". My 20 lb. Maine Coon cat is a real slug when it gets warmer...and he's always a slug...LOL

  3. I'm sorry you are having the weather blahhhhhhs....wish we had some warm weather. It has been so up and down it's like summer isn't going to happen. And rain...don't get me started. We've had more than our share.

    Love your kitty!



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