Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sleepless in Seattle (I mean PHILADELPHIA!)

Well, it feels like Seattle here!! In fact, I bet Seattle has less rain than we've had in the last month. Every day. Sometimes all day. Even when it's not raining, it is gloomy, dark, and cloudy. Everyone is trying to keep up spirits, but the lack of sun is making people grumpy and irritable. Plants and flowers are rotting from too much wetness, and trees are actually toppling over because their roots and bark are soaked. Today is the first day of summer (and the longest day of the year) and guess what it is doing?? RAINING. OMG, I just may lose it. Will you visit me in the padded cell?? LOL.
I haven't posted all week because I haven't been up to much. In addition to the gloomy weather, we are all anxious about keeping the business going and looking at a real possibility of being sold to another company. I know everyone is going through tough times, so why share my problems? All I can say is that we are now in a day to day survival mode, and if this isn't a real Depression (at least here on the east coast) I don't know what is. So with all this less than pleasant news, I haven't been in the mood to do much around here, and certainly can't do any shopping. But all is not bleak and miserable. When you can't do the real thing, what is better than doing some fantasy shopping? I'll show you some goodies I found a bit later, but first I wanted to show you a little redo that was stimulated by an hour or so of fantasy shopping.
You might remember this, that actually started out as a breadbox a while ago, then went through a few repaints and redos.

Then, I saw this....

I didn't want to change the color of mine (altho I LOVE this one)... but I thought, "what would happen if...." ---so this is what I did with a little black paint and a few small drawer pulls.

here's another view. Cool, huh?

On to fantasy goodies! I found a wonderful shop up in Connecticut called: Kathy has posted some really inspiring goodies, esp the furniture, which makes me drool. I especially love these two pieces:

I love the color and aging.

And how much would I love to get one of these? I know sooner or later I'll find one locally.
And this setting below is just so warm and welcoming.

Well, all of these goodies are putting me in the mood to do some tweaking! So I'll will see you next week -- but not before I again congratulate my pal Linda from Behind My Red Door on the birth of her new granddaughter! What wonderful news!
Have a good week everyone, and if your weather is anything like it is here-- stay dry!


  1. I love what you have done with that "breadbox", it looks awesome!

  2. All last week we had rain, last night the sun is out!!! Next week is supposed to be sunny and middle 80's so maybe this will move from Pittsburgh to Philly:)

    Love what you did to the breadbox and of course I love the shade of blue! Where are you finding the smaller wood knobs I can't find them anywhere! will be thinking of your job for you and hopeing all gets better for you!

  3. we finally had rain for two days after 30 or so days of no rain..which is unheard of here this time of year..we were loving it..but we get so much of what you described this past gets old to say the sun for that long makes anyone grumpy...give your baby a love for me..:)

  4. Hi Terry, I'm not toooo far from Gina (cat nap inn) so her weather story is my weather story. Typically we get lots of rain but this spring has been very different.

    Your wood working is awesome! I haven't commented in a while, but I'm still lurking about.

    Hope all goes well with work for you and that the sun shines soon!

    Take care, Kimberly

  5. AWwwwwww - you are soooooo sweet! I am just taking some time to relax this afternoon while DH watches the US Open and how cool to come here and see the sweet message. Thank you so much!

    I will keep my fingers crossed for the job situation. It is scary watching company after company close it's doors. I hope you are able to keep the doors open and eventually thrive once again!

    hugs, linda

  6. Hi Terry,
    We had a lot of rain last week, but starting rain for the next 4 or 5 days.

    I'm going to keep you in my thoughts and prayers about your job situation. My youngest DD was down to working from full-time to 10 hours a week, but she got lucky and found another job. She is making more at this job, but business is slow for them in June and July. Her boyfriend had lost his job back in January...he got another one also, but is not making that much and if things don't change soon...they might lose their house. It is so sad to see so many losing all the things that they have worked so hard for!
    Hoping for better days ahead!!
    hugs, Cindy

  7. I hear you about all the rain...We had it all last week! Now we are enjoying HOT (which I know you hate, as well as I do!) sunny days! They are coming your way!
    I absolutely LOVE what you did to that bread box! You have inspired me to look for one of those myself.
    Fantasy shopping is the best! It gives you awesome ideas to store away for later use, AND fulfills the need of viewing awesome eye candy!
    Have a great week!

  8. Hi Terry :)

    The box turned out really cute!

    I hope things are better for you soon.



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