Saturday, December 19, 2009

It’s a Fuzzy Slipper Day!!

Well, this is one of those days where the phrase “watch our what you wish for…you just might get it!” I wanted a white Christmas for years and years—well, my blog friends, this is the year to make up for all of those warm and dry holidays!  Just a tad TOO MUCH (!!) as we are in the midst of a blizzard that is expected to continue into Sunday morning. The winds are now picking up, and we have about a foot on the ground so far. Perfect day to stay inside and enjoy the decorations and lights. I went out earlier to try to clean off my poor little Honda – this is what it looked like only one hour later!


I just LOVE how  the snow plow buried me in! LOL.



Pretty! And it smells so clean and cold. I’m about to go out and take a walk – I’m not crazy about the depth of the snow, but I do love this winter weather.

I haven’t been online too much this week – busy with work, and in the middle of the week, had a birthday!!  Had a lovely day with friends and mom, and can’t quite believe the years are wracking up!  Got this adorable goodie from my girlfriend in Colorado – so cute!


Thanks, Deb!

And some last minute (and final) decorations…SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

I tried to do the prim garland, but…ehhhh, just didn't like how it turned out. So, I stuffed it along with a sting of tiny white lights into a big glass jar, and I really like it so much better!


Looks toasty warm in the dark.


I had gotten  this pretty tin stocking as a gift a few years ago, and i just love it. It always go up at the holidays.

I have been admiring your beautifully decorated homes all month, and I am so inspired by your talent and creativity! This was one of those years where I just didn't have the time or energy to do my usual crafting, baking, etc – long days at work, busy weekends trying to catch up with errands, etc. I guess lots of people have pared down the holidays this year! It seems like Christmas and Hanukah came so quickly – here it is only a few days away.

So just in case I don’t get a chance to post again before Christmas, I hope everyone has a warm and happy holiday, full of family and friends, blessings for the new year, and snow! (oh, wait, got that one now! LOL!) If you are also in the line of the snowstorm, please be careful and stay warm!

Happy Holidays, my friends!



  1. Hi Terry,

    Seems everyone I know has pared down and maybe it's a good thing. Who needs excess!

    Stay safe and warm and enjoy the cozy glow of your cute make-do light!!

  2. Hi:

    Looks like when we lived in in Missouri, don't get snow very often and not much then..
    I love all you decorations and would like to invite you to come "follow me". I accidently deleted all but one of my followers.. sorry about that.
    wishing you and yours very happy holidays..

  3. We have around 17" and its still coming down..Haven't had much snow for years. They said it was in 2003. Not to thrilled with it. But not much we can do about it now. LOL

    Stay safe

  4. HAPPY Birthday my Friend!! You are so beautiful and I wouldn't have ever guessed your age! Ya don't look it!
    hope ya enjoyed your walk in your winter wonderland! Be safe, stay warm!

    Wishin you a very Merry Christmas as well, Terry! ♥

  5. SNOW!! woohoo!! love the goodies you got and your light is too cute!

    Merry Christmas!!

  6. Have a very merry christmas Terry and all the best for 2010..and happy belated birthday..:) glad you had a wonderful time..:)give your big boy a huge love for me..:)

  7. Hi Terry, Yeah, this is gonna be a big one. I can't believe how much snow is out there. Happy belated birthday to you. Keep warm and have a wonderful and very Merry Christmas.

  8. Sometimes I think I've pared down too much. lol I have not done the first bit of shopping. My boys are 20 and 17 and they want money rather than gifts so that's what they're getting. Hubby and I have decided to wait until after Christmas and buy something together, so all I've done is decorate and bake a few cookies. I got off pretty easy, don't ya think? We got a pretty big snow, too. Everything looks so icy blue this morning. Love the pic in your post. :)

  9. love the snow pics. i'm so jealous. i live in florida. merry christmas and happy prim holidays! denise

  10. I wanted to stop in and wish you a very happy birthday, remember your only getting better:)

    My son in Annapolis got 24" and I imagine he got more than that by now. I think we got about 8" here and that's enough.LOL Well, I work today...stay warm and cozy with those slippers...Merry Christmas!


  11. So today, I really miss Philly! I used to love to walk in the freshly fallen snow! Lucky you!

  12. Hope you are well. Haven't seen you post for ages, and have been checking your blog often. Hope you are okay, and will be back to blogging soon.


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