Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What a Day!

Sorry I've been scarce around Blogland this week -- had to get my biopsy today and just didn't want to mention anything until it was done. I'm ok, but the experience was less than the best -- my surgeon changed hospitals, and while I know lots of people in lots of hospitals here in Big City (including the one I was at today) -- I felt like I was back in the 70's -- not very new, a little too exposed and way too disorganized. I got to the O.R. nearly two hours late because of disorganization in Radiology -- meanwhile, I was getting dehydrated, had a splitting headache...oh well, Thank God it's over and now I just need to hope for a good result with the biopsy. The incision is small and no pain, just a little swollen.

And, as a Kennedy fan and historian (undergrad degree is in American History) I'm very sad about the news of Ted Kennedy -- for those of us in our 50's -- this is the end of an era -- the end of the Kennedy generation. I know that Teddy is with his family now, especially his brothers...I remember so well his pain at the death of Bobby-- those years were so memorable and such a part of our culture - flaws and all.
Ok, on to more pleasant topics! I have a few textures to share -- not too many, but some nice ones, I think. And some tweaks. Now that the boob stuff is over, and HOPEFULLY it will cool off soon, I can get to work on all my projects. I have to wait a few days until everything heals up, of course, but I'll be a tweaking maniac over Labor Day.

So, this will be a short post, but here are some textures for your viewing pleasure!! I'll be back soon-- maybe with some early Fall goodies! And yes, ain't it great that Monday is the first day of SEPTEMBER??? We made it!! (although, my dear blogbuds, it is still 90 degrees here for week 2? week 3? losing count???)

Have a great rest of the week!

Monday, August 17, 2009

News and Views

Well, blogbuds, all kinds of things happening here in the big city. I'm no football fan, but the Eagles are now officially at the top of my s*** list and will stay there. I almost fell off the chair when I heard that the master of dog torturing, Michael Vick, was signed to play football here. As any animal lover knows, those that torture innocent animals don;t get over this pathological sickness after a few years in jail, and it's a disgrace that the business of football supersedes any moral decisions about who plays it.
So, I"m on a soapbox with this one, and I'm just so embarrassed for my city.
The other thing goin' on is that we are now officially in a heat wave, expecting a full week of mid-90's plus. When the heat and humidity and ozone get trapped in all this cement of a big city, it becomes dangerous, so I hope I can stay in as much as possible. My poor little 96 year old mommy feels like she's under house arrest, but she's gotta stay in the house where it's cool. I do have to get out to make sure she has everything she needs, and of course, go to work, but other than that, I'm in for the duration... except for one thing...
Looks like I need another breast biopsy -- funny little thing showed up in the MRI that needs to be removed -- my doc doesn't think it's worrisome, but the recommendation is a tissue biopsy, so I hope to get that done this week. It's at the same place as the original site, and called a 'complex cyst' -- a little fluid, a little hard stuff. Could be just radiation damage from 7 years ago, but won't know until it's biopsied, so I've been a little worried these past few weeks during all of the ultrasounds, and MRI, etc. So, I'm saying my prayers.
I did do some redos over the weekend -- went out to get my nails done and stopped at the TS. Not much there, but these one crock for 75 cents and this brown bottle for 25 cents. I thought a tea candle in the brown bottle would look nice.
I also got these plates to try my hand at the make-your-own-redware, that has been popping up on a few of your blogs -- not sure who was the genius is who started it, but what a GREAT idea!!! So these plates started like this:

and ended up like this!!! Next time I'll do better with the freehand yellow markings, but what a great idea!!!!

The crock and the brown jar.

I'm still in my blue-phase, so i redid my 3-drawer thingie -- I love how these things look with brown or red underneath.
So that's my news. Wish I had more, but gotta get to work! Hope everyone had a good weekend and stayed cool and healthy. Till next time....have a good week!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sweat City!!

Ohhh, Lawdy!! Save me from this miserable heat! The humidity has given me a week-long bad hair day, and the heat....over 90. My usual complaining about the weather! September is right around the corner (yipeeeeee!) so I'm hangin in there, but I just haven't been in the mood to do much. By the time I get home from work, I'm one big sweaty miserable mess, so I thought I'd share some pics from a book I picked up at a flea. Even my favorite TS is closed for vacation. Actually, that's ok, since $$ is tight this month, but this book is drool material! Lookie, lookie!

Some wonderful things in this little old gem of a book!

I love these jugs -- we all collect them....
And, I could just move into this perfect little house tomorrow!
And... I love these rugs. I have one that's not as nice as this one, but my big furrball loves it! Great for a nice stretch -- (those claws, you know....)
In fact, he loves all of my rag rugs, big or small. They are almost as good as sleeping on my legs so the blood stops circulating -- but at least he doesn't use my legs for a good stretch!
And how is this for a room??? So cozy and comfortable. Ahhh, maybe these drool-worthy pics will get me back in the mood to tweak -- so maybe I'll have redos to show you next time! Until then, be careful in the heat, and stay cool!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I made a bowl rack!

Lookie at what I did!! Remember this shelf? I picked it up about a year ago at a flea, then had it in the bathroom, then moved it to the bedroom, then the kitchen. It's been in just about every room! Then.... during the usual weekend monsoon (wow, this one had a tornado warning with it! and 3 inches of rain that shut down major highways!) I was clicking through my favorite sites, and a light bulb went on. I took this shelf...added two pieces of wood I picked up at the craft shop... painted them.... and.... and....

LOOKIE! A bowl rack!! I am really proud of this one, and so glad to see the heat hasn't totally fried my brain. I was feeling oh-so uncreative in this ridiculous heat and humidity.... and then this idea popped into my head-- and it worked. Goes to show ya... TS goodies can be made over... and made over... and made over! I'll show you the entire dining room after I clean it up!
And the great box I got last week... is now in my bedroom. (also needs a good cleaning)
And... I painted this box that was black and getting lost on my tall bookshelf. I like this mish-mash color. The best thing -- no cost at all! Couldn't get to the TS because of the weather, but as it turns out, I had everything here all along.

Hey everyone who lives in SE Penna! AUNT DAISY'S (

is having their Fall event on Sept 10th-12th!!! Ewwww, I can't wait!!! This shop is just fabulous and it is a special treat to just walk through it. (Hey Grammy Linda!!! Take note!!!) And it's right down the street (sort of) from Judy Doyle's Cinnamon Stick!! Yippee!!! A double dose!

Well, by dear blogbuds, I'm off to run some errands (before it...rains.) Hope you are staying cool!