Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blah, blah, blah....

That is how this miserable summer is making me feel: BLAH! We just had another flood/torrential downpour/ HUMIDITY -- every afternoon about 4:30, just in time to have to drive home in a humid monsoon. It's really not for me, (and, it's dangerous to drive in) so, I am so glad that tomorrow is the first day of August -- that means one more month, and we start to approach Fall. I just have no energy -- this weather just really sucks the juice out of me. Projects just get added to the list to do later. BLAH!!

On the other hand, I did make it to the TS, and got some very cute goodies. This is my favorite. Storage from the top plus the drawer! Only $5.
And, how about this cute plate (upside down, whoops.) pineapple with a crow. I love it!
And how about this brown bowl for about $1?? I actually use it, since I eat barrels of salad every day. That was all, but not bad for a lunch-break run to a TS. I still haven't had a chance to get to my favorite one -- maybe tomorrow, if it doesn't rain (right!!!) and if it's not too hot. I'm trying to find a bowl rack, but have been unsuccessful for months. So if anyone has one out there, and the price is right.... email me and let's make a deal!
You must be getting sick of seeing my ugly feet, but Ozzie the Wonder Cat apparently loves my tootsies. His head is hanging down, and his little fat legs are up in the air. Yes, he's asleep, the doofus. Then...he got into his usual nap position. Is my boy a love bug, or what??? Especially when he slobbers on my feet, as Maine Coons do when they are in a lovey dovey mood with the person they own!
Then, there is FACEBOOK!! Ok, now that I'm on there, what do I do next? LOL? I have no idea! Anyway, I saw a few of you on the APP page, but I didn't want to be intrusive. So, if you guys want to 'be my friend" just click me! Yet another place to talk decorating and T2T ideas!! Just how long are we supposed to be hooked up to our computers???? Gee, I'm on it most of the day for work, then blog, then checking out new eye candy, then emails, ....yikes. Next thing you know we'll be taking out 'puters to bed with us! (NOT!)

That's it from soggy, humid, and hot Philadelphia. Hope the weather is much better where you are! Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Roses are Red, Violets are BLUE

Hi Blogbuds,
I wish I had something exciting to tell you or show you, but alas, we had a HOT, HUMID and stormy weekend, so I was stuck in the house. Now I love TS shopping, but not even that fun activity will get me out in 90+ degrees!! So I had to do some inside tweaking, and save the TS for tomorrow (ewww, I hope I find something good!) I'm loving blue again, so I did some repainting of goodies I already had. Back to tweaking -- remember the wall shelf from a few weeks ago? Great place for my candle melts...
And I redid my living room shelf -- I will repaint this blue when I replenish my paint supply...
which I used up re-doing these 2 bathroom items....
....they were brownish-black -- I like them much better this way!

Hmmmm, what else...oh, I see a few new peeps following my blog, so I wanted to say thank you and welcome!
Hope I'll have some goodies to show you tomorrow -- I'll have some time to dash into a TS during my lunch hour... till then, your redos are turning out great!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yard Sale Goodies

It's no secret that summer is just not my favorite season~~ aside from the fact that heat and I are not best friends, I have the worst summer allergies! Itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezes galore -- blech! So, all summer I haven't had any allergy problems and didn't I get cocky?? Yesterday, BAM!! My eyes itched so bad they were swollen from me scratching, I went thru a box of Kleenex blowing and blowing -- all because I was out in the country at a huge yard sale! It was so beautiful here -- clear sunny skies, not toooo hot, no humidity -- boy, I so didn't expect to get slammed. Was it worth it? Yes! I got some great stuff -- the whole thing for under $20.
The best find (and the smallest) has to be these 2 'yelloware' bowls for 50 cents a piece. I wish there had been more!
And I found a small jug for a few dollars -- and lickety split, it is a lamp. I keep lamp adapters in a stash here, just in case I get lucky.
I moved some of my jug lamps around to bring the larger one into my bedroom, and the smaller one in my living room where the big one had been. There was a larger one at the yard sale also, but it was priced pre-recession, so I had to leave that one and get the smaller one, but, that's ok-- it works. BTW, for those looking for lamp adapters, you can find them at Lowes in the electrical dept. Email me for more info -- I've become quite the expert with wiring these make-do lamps.

I found a great double-slit box which I repainted in blue, and now it stores my favorite rainy-day reading material.

Speaking of reading material, FINALLY I found 2 of these classics.... how long have I been looking for these out-of-print Time-Life Country Home series? I was doing the happy dance after I grabbed these up!!

When I got home, there was a RAOK sitting at my front door from my girlfriend in Colorado. She is just too cute and I so appreciated it. Thanks, Deb!

My other girlfriend is flying off to London with her DH and kids as we speak -- how fabulous!

And for the Big Hairy FurBall fan club -- look at my sweetie taking a real nap -- he didn't even move when I snapped the camera. And when he woke up ... right to the kitchen. LOL.

These 2 cuties below aren't mine, but I fell in love with this picture and just had to share. Look at the face on the little one! Pure love!

Well, I'm off to help my mom today -- I promised to mow her lawn ( I need the exercise) but I bet the allergies will really drive me crazy today. Have a great day and a great week!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Blog buds, I just caught up with my blogland buds' posts, and yikes, you are all so inspiring!!
First of all, I think I need to take a trip to Ohio to figure out how Janine gets those great TS finds -- and EVERY DAY!!! If I find 2 or 3 things a month, I consider myself lucky, and here she is finding everything I'm looking for (unsuccessfully, I might add!) And she takes the time to redo them to prim perfection!!
Rondell has converted me back to BLUE -- and she is so right. It adds some variety to the black themes.
And then there is Lisa who also finds such great stuff, and does such a great redo on everything. Amazingly creative. Check out her new kitchen-doings! Fantastic!

And Char -- well, what can you say -- she is more than a crafter, she is a master carpenter!!! And explains it all so well.
And, then there is Grammy Linda, who has a home to die for! So perfectly put together, and so perfectly photographed!!! Oh my..... !! LOL!! (yes, Grammy, I checked the bottom of the spindle chair and you are right -- it is from Gardner!!! And I love it!)
And...and...and... well, ALL of you are such an inspiration, so let me thank you all for making my nightly trip to blogland so much fun and energizing! Sometimes after a rough day at work (which is like every day now) it is so relaxing to just see what you are all doing with your decorating, redos, and gardens. It shuts down the stress from work, and turns on the creativity so thank you!
Let me show you a few little things I did this weekend. I must admit that the fabulous weather has prevented me from finishing projects, but I managed to get a few little things done on Sunday.
I have been going on and on about the spindle chair -- if I had to pick a TS favorite, this would be it. I just love it.
And somewhere (a blog? APP? can't keep track...) I saw a great idea for an old cheese grater. I was so happy with this idea, because it takes the glare down to a nice soft glow. This candle is always on in my living room, so I loved how it toned it down as the light peeks through the holes.

And, I cleaned up my "pantry shelf."
And, of course. I simply must give Gina her kittie-fix. And take a look at where he is napping as I write this post!! That blob happens to be my left leg! What a love bug!

Finally, imitation is the greatest form of thank you all for providing me with so many ideas to imitate! Until next time, enjoy the great weather (here on the east coast, we're back to heat and humidity tomorrow. BOO HOO!)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ain't Paint Great?

And I didn't even know I could be a poet! LOL. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I had some browser issues, so I'm just getting to post because I was having blog picture problems.
The weather here was really nice for a change, so I had a chance to do some fleaing and TS'ing. Wow, I think I got close to jackpot. And, I had some time to do some repainting (thus my post's title) after being oh-so-inspired by browsing thru a ton of website pics. Sometimes I like to just sit with my feet up, put on a movie, and visit (or revisit) all of the sites that I have bookmarked, and then find some new ones. There have been some pretty great homes and rooms that really had me lost in fantasy land.

I realized that I was getting inspired by color -- yes!-- not just the blacks we all love, but some of the barn reds and blues. So here's what I did this weekend.

The first little makeover was an old bookcase I had hidden in my den (aka junk room) that I had painted black a while ago. I redid it a barn red, and hung it in the dining room rather than sit it on the floor. Moved some things in the DR around, and I really like it!
Then, I took a shelf I had in the DR and repainted it blue, and hung it on a wall in my bathroom.
I can't take the credit for the great idea of storing washcloths and towels in it -- I saw it on someones home pictures. Thought it was a great idea and it was easy for me to add the wooden bars across the shelves (hot glue!) I thought it was such a unique way to store hand towels and wash clothes.Then I had an idea for a summer fireplace cover. A piece of wood, painted with checks, and some homespun. Perfect for my small space.

Now, to the flea/TS goodies. Oh, I was doing a happy dance. The best of the best was this fabulous spindle-backed chair which isn't only prim/colonial, but comfortable as well! I always have a problem sitting at my desk -- with my long legs, I'm always bumping my legs into the desk, and can never get comfortable. This chair (for only $4!) is perfect. And I just love the back of the chair -- so different! Big Boy hiding behind it, checking it out.

The back of the chair has some unusual spindles... and it was made in Strurbridge, Mass and labeled "colonial chair." Cool beans.

A sweet wooden wall box that I eventually polished up -- no need to paint this one. The polish removed all of the scratches you see in this pic.

And a small piece of redware... (didn't photograph too well...) even tho what I really was looking for was yelloware...couldn't beat the price -- 25 cents!
So that was my shopping weekend! And I just love what a little paint and imagination can do, especially since I am still on a very tight budget.
I got into an itch to change my blog appearance, but I didn't get too far. I don't know how to use HTML, so I'm stuck using a Google template. Any suggestions?
And if you are in the mood to check out some redo rooms, I posted an update of my slide show. Just click the brown shelf at the top right. I'm so happy that the next one will be for FALL. Yipeee! I can't really complain this week, tho, because we had some gorgeous weather -- all sun, no humidity -- just beautiful. Hope it's great where you are, too! See you soon, and as always, thanks for stopping by my little blog!