Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hi Blogbuds,

I have been MIA for a few days trying to get some things done. I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. It was nice here, and then all of a sudden the temp dropped to the 50's (yipeee!) so I was able to get in the mood to do some stuff. I hate to be redundant but as you know, I just hate the heat and the weekend was humid on top of it. So, let's see what is new here in the the city of brotherly love....all kinds of news...
Last week, I had a chance to do some TS visits, and picked up a few really good things.
The best was the 3 drawer thingie for $9 at one of my favorite concessions shops. I love the candle sconce for 75 cents, and the picture frames. Haven't worked on those frames yet, because I didn't realize that the backs are really tacked on tightly. So that has turned into a project. I'm not sure how to get those backs off.
Here's the finished sconce... and... the 3 drawer thingie. Here's how I placed it on the wall...Just a nice mix of black and barn red to give it that red/brown-ish color.

One of the great things about a few days off is the opportunity to catch up on some reading and drooling... ( more drooling, esp now that I'm on such a tight budget!)...

So, I had a chance to check out some ideas in these fabulous catalogues... and of course my favorite read...

and then lookie what I found in the TS for 99 cents!

A July 1993 issue! Last issue talked about the changes in 25 years, and they aren't kidding! You wouldn't see a cover filled with Christmas decorations on a summer issue now... and...

remember how they used to show everything in boxed ads? And look at all of the hearts! And everything pink and blue! Yep, country/prim has certainly evolved to a more early American influence and dontcha just love it?? It's fun to go thru the old issues, tho, and see how tastes have changed.

Ya know, I'm no longer a fan of candles because I am so negligent in watching to make sure I blow them out -- but I picked up the most DEE-lichous candle in my trip to Emmaus -- 1803 candles.
This fabulous scent is "Summer Spice" and wow, does it smell fabulous. I'm hooked.
I did get a chance to redo my bedroom and that's why I was SO TIRED yesterday! You may remember that I had an old love seat in my bedroom -- that is what I tossed out. It just has such an 80's shape and ruined the whole effect. Have you ever tried to move out a piece of furniture by yourself?? Yikes, what job. The love seat itself was light, but it was awkward making the turns to the front door, then down the steps to the trash bin. It was a job, but I'm glad it's done. I will show you some 'after' pics tomorrow -- just got up and the bed isn't made. LOL. Moved the desk down a bit... much better.I had a disappointing Weight Watchers meeting last week, so I'm back to really watching my portions. I have gained about 6 pounds since I hit Lifetime in the the fall. Doesn't sound like a lot but it creeps up and that's not good! So, I'm back to being very careful -- no junk-- and trying to walk a little -- never did get the bike, -- too expensive. So , hopefully, the scale will start to go in the other direction over the next few weeks. Everyone says "you don't look like you gained weight' which is probably true, but -- the worst is when you wake up one day and you DO look it and your clothes don't fit. So, I don't want it to get to that point -- ever! It's true when they say that weight maintenance is a lifelong struggle. It's so easy to take a little of this..., a little of that... and the next thing you know... well, I can't let that happen!! That's why I still go to the meeting every week, at least to weight in. Back to point counting.

My sweetie loves the new slipcover and now has in his head that sleeping upside down with his legs up in the air is just tooo cute! His fur is starting to grow back, evidenced by the trail of hair on the rug again... that didn't take long! I think I'm gonna keep it short -- he seems to be so happy that way -- odd for a Maine Coon who is born hairy!

Well, that's my catch-up for today...hope to have some more news to share tomorrow... I'm off the rest of the week, so maybe I can get to these projects if the weather stays yucky. Hope you are all well and have a great day! I've been keeping up with your blogs and most of you have been showing some wonderful stuff!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hi Blogbuds,

Not much new here. Busy weekend just helping my mom get some things done. It's hard to plan for outdoor stuff -- one day it's 85 and humid and I'm turning on the a/c, and literally the next day it's 40 and I have to switch to the heat to take the chill out. Yikes. Today is sunny and supposed to be 75. Here's hoping....

Anyway, let's see what I have to share with you today. I'm fighting with my camera. LOL. No matter what I do, and how dark the room is, I just can't get the right lighting and the pictures don't turn out right. And my head must be on crooked, too. There's a tilt to everything. LOL.

I'm going to be around this weekend, so I have two things I'd like to get done. One is to add a long shelf over my patio door window, and the other is to clean out the den a/k/a junk room. In doing so, I would be able to make some tweaks to my bedroom. So I'll be busy and show you the end result afterward.

I did one to show you one or two little tweaks. This cost zero -- old re-painted frame and a download from the internet.

And I finally finished the letter holder and desk.
And... I think this is why people say cats are so relaxing. Just sleep wherever your head happens to fall! So what if you wake up with a stiff neck from sleeping on a shelf?? LOL

On that happy and relaxing note, I'm off to work! Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

And the winner is....envelope please...

Brenda from Pine Tree Prims!!!!! You won my 100th post giveaway!! Email me your address and it will be on its way -- ENJOY IT!!!!! Thanks to all who participated!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some TS goodies

Hi Blogbuds-- can you believe it is Thursday already? This week really went by fast! I had a chance to do a quick drive by to my favorite TS a few days ago, and I found one or two goodies to share...
I picked this up -- I needed a mirror by the front door to make sure I look presentable (LOL) and when I saw this I grabbed it. Before:

and after:

Perfect. Lets see... what else -- a few bowls that I'm still working on... that's it. It was enough.
I did get to finally redo the thingie on my newly redone desk -- and I can't believe it actually matches, since I smush paint and go. Never really that careful with the colors, not to mention that I was running our of barn-red and had to toss some brown in to give me enough to finish.

I thought I'd like the drawer brown, but I don't, so when I replenish my bard-red later today, I'll do a quick redo on it. I actually might even use it for its purpose -- to keep my mail organized!

Oh, and check this out -- do you remember this oldie? I didn't like the heart soooo....
now don't laugh -- because I am SO NOT an artist!!! --

Did you ever see an "O" like that??? LOL. Now that I"m looking at the photo, I may have to do a quick re- glue since some of the heart is still showing. But you get the idea. And can I show you my new slipcover one more time? I LOVE it. I can't imagine why it took me so long to think of it.

I'm now in the process of updating my slide show now that the living room is done. It's taking a while, as you know, but I hope to get it done soon!

Ok, on to other topics. I have decided that I need to exercise more or I will start gaining weight again. I weighed in last week (and weigh in tonite) and there was no change, in fact a lost a few ounces (big whoop) but, I'm not being as careful with my food choices when I am at the office. Too many Philly soft pretzels around -- they are hard to walk past without taking a few bites. SO -- I am getting a new bike tonite. Wallys' has good prices, and I think I will stick with it. Once I clean out my den AGAIN over Memorial Day weekend, I will store it on the wall in there. Until then... not sure. The landlord doesn't permit anything in the back halls --but I might sneak it in there for just a week or two. I love to bike ride and I need to get this body moving again.
And my poor widdle cat! I hadn't realized that the groomer forgot to put the bell collar back on after he had his buzz cut. He crept up behind me in the kitchen yesterday and I didn't know it....and OUCH -- I walked on his paw. He let out a yelp and ran away from me -- he was mad at me. (Cat lovers know this instinctually. LOL). By the time I got home from work yesterday, he got over it, and the paws are fine. He's back doing his usual activity - SLEEPING -- and he forgot all about it. But I felt awful and will get that collar replaced today.
And finally -- I pick the winner of my 100th post giveaway TOMORROW -- so if you'd like a nice bunch of sweet annie, candles and candles nubs, and some homespun in a cute wooden tray -- you need to email me by tomorrow at 6-ish. Will post winner tomorrow nite.
That's it for me -- have a great day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I said I'd be good...but...

...I had to make one more purchase. I had to get a slipcover for my sofa. At the time I got it, which was only a few years ago, the colors and the pattern were country-ish -- but I started not to like it recently -- clashed too much. Plus, I spilled coffee on it (!!) and didn't even notice that I had a stain until it was dry! Not being on the market for a new sofa, I did the next best thing -- went to Wally's and got a black slipcover. It wasn't expensive and I love how it changes the room.
It's a soft ribbed stretch material, black, and fits just right. Ok, no more big purchases until this economy thing passes. It will be GW and TS for me only!

Speaking of purchases, I forgot to show you the sugar cone that I got when I went to see Judy in Hereford. How could I forget this? It's so cute.

And I did make that lamp out of the big blue mason jar. Left Judy's tag on, just because it's so cute!
Oh, and I repainted one of my tables....

This used to be black. I loved that I saw something similar at Aunt Daisy's in this color, so I did a redo. I hope to get to the letter holder tonite after work. Trying to decide what to put in the box below-- any suggestions?
That's it for today! Hope to have some new photos for you tomorrow. Meanwhile, hope everyone is doing well this week. I loved all the Mothers Day posts -- what we do without MOMS??

Monday, May 11, 2009

How was your Mom's Day?

Hope everyone had a lovely Mom's Day -- I did! My little mama spent the day here -- the sun was shining and it was cool, so we took a walk around the complex -- here is my sweet mama taking a rest by the river:

Not bad for 96, huh?!?!?!?! Of course she didn't want me to take her pic because her hair wasn't done. LOL. We walked slowly to the river and sat and took in the view and the warmth.

My complex looks out on the Delaware River. No boats yesterday, but usually lots of them going up and down the river. Then walked back to watch 2 great movies, Doubt and Frost-Nixon. Made dinner and drove her home about 11. A lovely day, and a lovely mom. I am so grateful I still have my mom to celebrate this important day with. I am very fortunate. She is my best friend, my inspiration, and a real peach!

Just a reminder to sign up for my 100th post drawing --- time is ticking!! I will pick a winner later this week! Send me an email to enter your name!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

What a great day in Hereford, PA!!

My girlfriend Stacy and I had such a fun day off today -- we both really needed a day away from the usual stress and mess, and this kind of day was just perfect! The sun was shining (finally), it was about 75 degrees, breezy -- just right for a day at some wonderful shops about 2 hours out of Philly (without traffic would have been faster)!
We started out about 11:30 and took what turned out to be the very long way to meet Judy at The Cinnamon Stick ( Judy was sweet and emailed me her phone number in case we got lost -- and we did! Finally found it after a few wrong turns calling her and pulled up to what is sure to look familiar to you!How totally cute! Judy met us at the door -- it is so great to meet blogging buds in person! After we went in to see this most amazing old building, I drooled for a while and then went shopping! Here's a few pics of her oh-so-cute shop! Both of these are on the second floor --for some reason, the camera got weird downstairs and I missed a few -- such great stuff for the pantry...
And luscious candles...
In fact, there are scrumptious smelling candles everywhere! Here is Judy and me...

and me with my closest girlfriend...
What a trooper!!! She has been sick all week but insisted on going today -- she had a great time and felt tons better after a day away, too. The Weight Watcher Twins.
After a delightful conversation and some hints from Judy on where to go next, we started for the next shop, which is right next door to Judy's shop.

All of you needle crafters out there would have wet your pants in this one. All kinds of homespun, rug hooking stuff, and wool. Lovely.
Then we went down the road a piece to a store that was another treat. All I could think of as I walked in there was "Linda Rudman would LOVE this store!!!!" It's called Aunt Daisy's and I was so excited that I forgot to take out the camera! Here's the web site-- you must take a look. All Early American inspired -- and the 'real thing' -- talk about drooling. Every single thing in the store is handmade by crafters -- and what a treat for the eyes (but not the pocketbook, unfortunately, since I could have bought up the store.). I got the feeling that the artisans are Amish -- not only because the work was perfection, but because there is such an Amish influence throughout the area.We spent quite a while there as well, since we were greeted by the sweetest Golden Retriever, who laid down in front of us, turned over and exposed his goodies so we could scratch his tummy for a half an hour. All you could hear was his tail thumping on the floor! And I can't forget his sister -- a Chocolate Lab who is so laid back and so sweet. Both rescued, and both pooches I fell in love with. We chatted with the owners for the longest while -- made new friends. I did buy some textile -- my tablecloth, which I wanted for the longest time. Can't wait to go back in the Fall. A beautiful store in every way. I'll take a droop rag next time.
We passed by an "Antique" Mall -- so we went in. HUGE. My feet were killing me. Reminded me of the concession shop I go to down here, but most of the goodies were overpriced. But a fun look at some very unique things.
Then stopped for dinner and came home! Here is my stash from the day (not that I should have spent so much, but hell, I work like a dog, and I needed this! (OK, so I'm rationalizing, but I'll be good from now on.)
Oh, how I love this tablecloth! And isn't the herb bag from Judy's shop adorable? And the candle...and the huge blue Mason jar which will be a lamp by tomorrow....

Got some battery candles and some tapers...and that was our day!!! Thank you so much for your hospitality, Judy -- we will see you again soon!!! Your shop is wonderful!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Can I borrow Noah's Ark?

Yes, it's STILL raining here in Philly -- I have to admit that I love the cool weather, but yikes, I am about to sprout flower buds and mold!! Just kidding -- but the grey days have gotten to everyone -- and it's not supposed to get better until next week!!

Anyway, my trip to the GW was a bust. Nada, zip. Waste of time (in the rain, of course). But tomorrow I should have a chance to run into my favorite one up in Bryn Athyn so maybe, just maybe, I'll find something. What I have been really looking for is something like this:

This is from Circa 1820, my favorite store so I thought I'd give them a plug (not that they need it!) Check them out at Anyway, I have been trying to find a piece like this for my wooden bowls, but so far no luck. One of these days I'll find one...

The only thing I have had time to do is a re-paint of this. Wish I could show you the original, but of course all my old pics were lost with the computer crash. It was brown and in my kitchen.

I am always so inspired when I root thru the Circa 1820 catalogue. This actually is a much deeper blue/green with the red underneath -- not too clear in this picture. I moved it to the living room.

I am still hoping to get to Cinnamon Stick on Friday, but my GF left me a message tonite that she has a sore throat!! Better not be swine flu!! Here's hoping that she gets a good nite's sleep and is better by tomorrow -- or Friday -- since we both are looking forward to it.
Finally, this week is National Nurses Week. It hasn't been easy for nurses this past year so if you know a nurse, thank them for what they do -- it would mean alot, I'm sure.
Hafta go read up on everyone's blog -- I'm so behind! I did get to check what Rondell is up to at and we have the same shower curtain! Great minds think alike!! Hope everyone has a great evening!

Monday, May 4, 2009

rainy days

How are my blogbuds today? We are in day 4 or 5 of rainy, gloomy days, so haven't gotten out to the GW or TS this weekend. Took the w/e to just chill and read and relax. Great days for a little nap here and there.
Well, as I knew was coming, our salaries at work were cut, and pretty substantially. I will have to be very careful what I buy and not give in to the "I wants" -- stick more to the "I needs" -- altho, I hope to take off Friday with my GF and drive up to Judy's shop in Hereford, PA (Cinnamon Sticks) -- just take a day to see the rural side of our area. When I'm sure I have the day off, I will let Judy know I'm coming and will for sure take the camera! Can't let this all get me down -- it is what it is and everyone is experiencing the money woes. Nurses being cut and laid off all over the place here in Philly, so I'm grateful I still have a job and my bennies.
This will be a shortie since I have to get to work, but just wanted to check in and say hello. Hope to have some new pics tomorrow, if I have time to stop at GW on my way to work. I did so much work in here the last few months that I don't have anything really new to show!!
Have a good Monday! Baldy Boy very happy with his buzz cut and getting into trouble! Climbing all over everything now that he feels free of all that hair!