Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Part 2 of last nite's post

Ok, so now I have had some sleep and I'm working from home today, so I can get a real post done. I have been putting in some very long hours -- we're just trying to keep the business going in this economic mess -- hope we can pull it off, but some days it's really tight. Last week, I could feel it getting to me, very blah mood, worried all of the time --but, I decided I can't stay that way. I will have to watch the unnecessary spending for a while. I will do my best, and then its out of my hands.
Anyhoo, as I mentioned, the weekend was spring cleaning galore, and I still have to do my closet, which I must get to later today. Luckily it was really cold yesterday when I was out seeing clients, so I had clothes to wear! But, its getting warmer and these bulky sweaters have to get put away for another year, and I have to dig thru the mess to find my spring clothes. So, I will get to that when I finish my work stuff later today.

Remember this book I ordered? Well, I was a tad disappointed in that the pics were much more traditional than I had hoped, but it was still good and a good read. For example, did you know that:
  • The weeping willow tree was a symbol of mourning?? Hmm, not sure I like that so much!
  • In the 1800's only the wealthy were able to have portraits done as wall art.
  • The reason the back of a settle is so high is to block the drafts and hold in the heat from the hearth which was the only source of heat. Some settle backs nearly reach the ceiling.

Interesting stuff!

Now, on to my redos. Maybe that is why my cleaning takes so long! I stop in the middle to paint, move furniture, etc etc! I have one more big project for the late spring, and that is to paint the last two walls in my living room --i never got to them when I painted in December. I really want to do that soon, as I have to spackle and cover a zillion holes in the wall so I can even out the wall displays and take some down. But that will be for another day when it is warm and I am in the mood, because its a huge job. Lots of heavy furniture to move.

I did play around with this and moved it to the dining room. I wanted to balance out that corner in my living room, and I had too many bookshelves in one place.

And, I did a redo on this, which was painted black. Got this idea from the Circa Home Living catalogue. They displayed something very similar sitting on the edge of the mantle, and I liked it.

And I think I showed you these TS finds before...just moved them around a little.

Well, that's it for today -- I guess I had better start working --- hope everyone is having a good day and enjoying the last day of March! Hopefully will get the bedroom done today and have more pics for you tomorrow!

Monday, March 30, 2009

How do you spell TIRED?

Hi Blogbuds,
This will have to be a quickie since I haven't even at dinner yet and its after 8pm! Yikes. I spent the weekend doing spring cleaning and I'm still not done! ARGGGHH!! I am knocked out from cleaning and not really having a day off between work and 'home' work . It will be an early bedtime for me tonite! Anyway, here's what's new at my end.

The mailman arrived with my gooodies and I was very happy to get my 'stuff.' I must say that I just LOVE the Circa Home Living catalogue. Just beautiful stuff (and not all black!!! And I actually like it!!) And how nice -- they actually tell you what the base color is and what they painted over it to get the right 'look.' So,I'll show you more tomorrow. Meanwhile, here's what I did with the textiles. These are incomplete because the pics didn't come out so great and I have to redo a whole bunch. Even in a dark room they come out so light!

Now that I am using a laptop, I moved my desk into the living room, and now using the den as a 'junk room.' I hate to waste that space, but I have such minimal closet space that I just need a place to store stuff I'm not using. And, I'm looking out my patio doors into blooming trees, so that is nice! Of course, cat toys still in the corner -- guess I shoulda taken them away before I took the pic. Better ones tomorrow...

You know already that Spring is NOT my favorite season, but I actually bought some pussywillows.
I will have more tomorrow -- I'm starving!! Hope everyone is doing well...catch you all later! Big Fat Hairy Lazy Furball says hello, too! He woke up because squirrels are in the patio... but
then its time to lay down again...if you can't beat em, join em!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Please, Mr. Postman....

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. I'm leaving shortly to attend a sales event, but thought I'd share some goodies I bought on line (don't ask me why -- lack of self-control, I guess!). So I'm waiting very impatiently for the UPS man to knock on my door or leave a box-- ewww, I hate waiting!!! The items were purchased at different times, so I have no idea when they will arrive! So surprises await the next few weeks.
First, I had to break down and get these fabulous textiles from Circa 1820 http://www.circa1820.com/catalog/index.php. I have not been able to find these types of textiles anywhere locally, and I can't finish my spring cleaning and decorating without them!
I also picked up a black runner at Apple Hill http://applehill.homestead.com/index.html. What eye candy on THAT site, and I just love their home pics.
And, (oh boy, when that credit card bill comes in!) I got some tarts from McCalls -- I just love these tarts, and I have the tart burner going 24/7. I have 3 tart warmers, and I just love how these last so long. I am running low, so that won't do!
And finally (!!!!) I got this book with eye candy as a used book at Amazon.
So Mr. Postman, hurry up! I want my stuff!! :>)
Hope everyone is feeling well and having a good TS week. I am hoping to hit my favorite one at Bryn Athen this weekend. Not sure, as I really do have enough "STUFF!" Where can I put it all?? That's my dilemma! Have a good day and catch you later!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Went to see the Fab Faux this weekend, and how fantastic they were. This is my 3rd concert, and I have to tell you about them because they play all over the country and you would LOVE them. They are not a imitation band -- they are a group of 6+ incredible musicians (sometimes playing 3 instruments at a time plus singing) that actually recreate (not imitate) the sound of the Beatles as if you were listening to the actual albums. I can't explain it, so check this out and you'll see what I mean http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5BDZpVMQ_w --or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lknCpGbsJc (the Letterman show)-- if you close your eyes you will think you are listening to the actual album. Amazing. They sell out every time -- all age groups. They play in smaller venues, and the cost is much more reasonable. If they come out your way, don't miss it -- it's an experience! We had a great Japanese dinner beforehand and it was just a great nite. Of course, I'll be deaf for about a week (LOL).

Yesterday, I was running around doing the usual weekend errands, and low and behold I found another thrift shop! And lookie what I got! No work needed!
Never did get to finish my spring cleaning, but I'll get to it one of these days. Hope you all had a good w/e! I'm off to work and I'll catch up later!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

TS finds and redos of redos

Well, I know you've been waiting with bated breath to hear about my success at the thrifties on Thursday. LOL. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a 5...still not great, but some goodies to be had. I picked up this cute vase for 97 cents -- it's a very deep blue, and while I'm not a fan of blue, I know it's making a comeback in a deeper blue, so I'm open to it. Speaking of blues, I know my needlepoint geese keep popping up in my pics of my living room. I worked for months on that (years back) and I love it, so it stays, even tho its geese and SO 1980's!! When blue really comes back, I'll be ready. LOL. Anyway, I think that GW won't be on my treasure hunt list, because in a city this size there are so many of them and it really is more junk than good stuff to redo. So I stopped at some of my other haunts.
At GW, I also got this cute little ceramic thing for the kitchen. It's a little different, so for 97 cents, I can't go wrong.
At the hospital TS, I picked little 2 drawer thingie up and did a little paint job.
While I was painting, I warmed up some of my mustard items that were too yellow and bright.
After: Then I had this idea that I just had to share. I call it the cheap woman's fly cover. It just sort if came to me. You take one of these old wire things that you wash fruit in: and you distress it a little with rust colored paint, hot glue a knob on the top, and..
What do you think?? I, for one, can no longer afford to pay the ridiculous amount the real thing goes for these days. So,I just made one that's close! LOL!
I found this adorable sheep at my sweet little country store that I go to when I need a mental boost... (work has been incredibly tense this week, so needed a little escape time) And of course, Mr. Fat Stuff had to examine my purchases.

I think he approved. Did some rearranging...
and that's it for today! On my To Do list is to do another slide show since the old one is getting dated. So, I guess that means I have to finish spring cleaning. Hmm. Well, then, I'm off to do that! Have a great Saturday -- I'm going to see the Fab Faux tonite -- more on that later!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring tweaking

Hi Blogbuds,
First, I wanted to just make a quick comment and thank you to Leslie over at http://sweets-mycountryhome.blogspot.com/. She explained why it is that sometimes we just can't get back to the very nice people who are kind enough to leave a comment on a blog posting. I do feel pretty awful when I can't do that myself. Understand that I work like 12 hours a day and between a demanding job and my ADLs (activities of daily living (i.e. shopping, laundry, mom-care, etc etc etc) I don't always have an opportunity to get back to you kind bloggers. I do read your posts nearly every day, even if I don't leave a comment. So please don't be angry! :>)
I am just sick about the Natasha Richardson news. What a terrible thing to happen, and I can't imagine what happend in that fall that would have led to this tragedy. The news made it sound as if she had a light fall, but something happened that caused a brain bleed. Terrible. Makes you think, and reprioritize -- how fragile our lives really are. What a wake-up call to let the dumb stuff just go and be thankful for what we do have.
I've started my spring cleaning and made some minor adjustments. I took the shelf from the bathroom and moved it to the dining room.
Took the black shelf and moved it to the living room...
And that's as far as I got!! I should be able to get to more next weekend. Just so busy that I don't feel like doing stuff after dinner. But -- I FINALLY bought a new vacuum -- Wally's had a great sale and I picked it up for a steal. Finally! Got a bit tiring shlepping the one from my mom's back and forth, so out goes the old one in the trash bin. They don't seem to last as long as they used to!
I do have some new ideas, so stay tuned!

I got my CS yesterday, an what a beautiful layout they did for Karen at http://mycolonialhome.blogspot.com/. Really gorgeous, and it was so nice to see her entire home and how fabulous she and Doug have made it!! Congrats, Karen!! Thanks for the eye candy! It is a really good issue all the way around. I'm going thru it nice and s-l-o-w-l-y so I can savor it!

Well, I must get my tushy in gear -- I have calls to make, so I must dash! Hope everyone has a great day -- maybe I'll get lucky when I pass GW in my way to my first client. (fingers crossed.) I have found nothing at all for the last few weeks, which makes me VERY SAD!!! LOL. Till next time!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

an old/new addition

I hope all my primbuds are doing well today. I know I'm so behind in my blog-reading and I hope to catch up tonite. Running around helping my mom this weekend, so I was pretty knocked out last night and stayed off the computer -- watched some good movies and relaxed (Milk, and "W." -- both excellent).
My mom mentioned that she found this old cornice (I think that's the correct word) from my brother's bedroom window in the basement (this thing is over 50 years old!!) and was going to toss it or give it to me. You know which one won out, right? I tweaked the curtains in the bedroom and put it up. I"m still not totally happy with this window treatment, but I love having the cornice. I hate these apt windows, but nothing I can do about that.

Another view...

Not much else going on -- thought I'd share lazy boy falling half off the back of the chair but still asleep! I keep a memory foam pillow there when I'm working to ease my back, and goofball thinks it's there to hold him up!

Anyway, sorry this is so short, but I gotta get back to work-- I have piles of work to get done. Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some (few) spring tweaks

Ok, I must confess. I mean, its fine for others...but....
I don't like anything green, with bunnies, eggs, or anything that even reminds me of hot weather. I know, sounds like a prim sacrilege, but I just can't get into the Spring stuff. Never could. I realized that I just don't lie the colors, esp GREEN. Of course I do like some shades of green, like that found on dollar bills. LOL. But those pastels just don't do it for me. So, I'm feeling so left out. LOL!!
I just love the Fall. I love the colors (the reds, the browns, the blacks, the warmth), the decorating, the smells, ohhh, just everything about it. And I just can't get into this Spring thing. (which, I must add, has nothing to do with the fact that the warm weather now feels great.) We are talking only prim-wise. Maybe its because there's nothing in the thrifties these days (went yesterday -- (NADA, nothing, zilch.) Maybe it's just not cozy. Ah, who knows???!!

So what to do? Well, I did move some things around. I actually had a wonderfully clever idea (modestly speaking.) You may remember that board I got months ago-- I was going to use it for my laptop, but of course, never did. I moved it all over the place, but then got this wild idea at 2am. (Do I need help, or what???) I moved the board to my little desk, and now my "little" desk is somewhat larger! Ok, I can see it is slightly crooked-- will need to fix that. Now, if I can find something for below the desk, I will have a MINI-DRY SINK (!!!) -- kind of, well, sort of. Ok, so its a work in progress. LOL

I have 2 special little stitcheries that Janene sent me in a place of honor under my willow stitchery. And you know I just love my make-do jug lamp. An my firkin was hidden so it's now more open.

That meant I needed to do some work on the mantle. Not that I'm totally against spring, you understand. I took my one Spring-y thing out. My birdhouse. That's it. (Will it be Fall soon??)Well, I must make this confession a short one, because I'm off to WW for my weekly weigh-in. (oh my, a REAL confession, huh?!?) Meanwhile, guess what the fatsy hairball is doing??
You had 3 guesses. LOL. Hope you had a good Thursday!